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Brandon Green is an Australian businessman who owns an online coffee shop and toy store. He is an avid entrepreneur who enjoys all aspects of business, whether it’s online or offline. He has written a successful self-help book, helping people develop a positive mindset.

Brandon Green – Podcast Host

Brandon Green has always been interested in learning through dialogue.

New podcast. ‘Let’s Go Brandon Green’

It’s a general podcast, in a similar format to The Joe Rogan Experience, hosted by an Australian businessman, 35 years of age who has lived as a Digital Nomad for 5 years before this world went nuts. I’ve since had a baby. I can talk about anything relating to Sports, Entertainment, current events, and business.

I enjoy talking to people and will happily interview you if I see you being a good fit.

I’ve even created a website where I will be linking to people’s websites. I’m trying to set this up as best I can.

I can be a bit cheeky, The conversation is very ‘light-hearted and casual. I want all the guests to feel relaxed.

lets go brandon podcast


  • I have a Japanese wife, a 2-year old Toddler, live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Work in the Brisbane Solar power industry.
  • Have a Coffee Business.
  • Build my own websites, and do my own SEO.
  • Have written a self-help book – (Become a Loser to Become a Winner)
  • Have been a ‘Digital Nomad‘ – Lived in Phuket, Thailand, and had my own Cafe there for 3 years.
  • Have traveled extensively, to the USA, UK, Europe, Ukraine, Asia, China, and Colombia.
  • I have been to North Korea for 3 days on tour.
  • I had a strange ‘light allergy’ in 2021, where for 5 days I could no longer tolerate any type of light. The TV and my smartphone felt like a blow torch in front of me… This was alleviated by taking an antihistamine tablet.
  • in 2022 – my light allergy flared up again in May – I have been trapped in the dark ever since.
  • I have Phenylketonuria – Cannot eat Protein
  • I am an atheist but I have noticed a very relaxing and calm feeling when sitting in a church…
  • I enjoy meeting people and am always happy to learn new things.
  • Trained Acupuncturist
  • I have fun making funny memes

Let’s Go Brandon! If you are interested, let me know.

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