3 Headed Monster Song – Mase Jadakiss Camron

We are excited to listen to the new Mase song, which is coming out soon. Well, it’s not really a Mase song. It’s similar to a new temporary rap supergroup that the guys from New York have founded.

Interestingly, these guys have all had issues with one another at some point in time, and in some cases, multiple times!

Mase and Cam’ron were going back and forth only a little bit before Covid when Mason Betha released the Oracle. Cam’ron nearly needed counseling for that one!

We are waiting to see if all these 3 NY Monster heads up Diddy for the rent, continuing the theme as Ma$e is currently on.

In the snippet, we can hear that Mase is on fire with his flow and doing that ‘vanity rap’ that he is well-known for.

Hot 97 is gonna be having some fun with this song for sure.

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