Lets go brandon green is similar to the joe rogan experience

A Podcast Similar to The Joe Rogan Experience 2024

A similar podcast to The Joe Rogan Experience 2024

An American comedian and MMA UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, host of The Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast.

It premiered on December 24, 2009, with Rogan and comedian Brian Redban as co-hosts and producers until 2013, when Jamie Vernon took over.

The Joe Rogan Experience was one of the most popular podcasts globally by 2015, with millions of views every episode and a diverse range of guests.

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has been exclusively available on Spotify since December 2020, with highlights published on YouTube.

Brandon set-out to make a similar podcast to The Joe Rogan Experience. He called it, ‘Let’s Go Brandon Green’

Brandon Green is an entrepreneur from Australia who runs an internet coffee store. He is a seasoned businessman that appreciates all facets of the industry, whether online or off. Brandon Green has always been fascinated by dialogue-based learning.

Let’s Go Brandon Green is a general podcast broadcast by an Australian businessman, 34 years old, who spent five years as a Digital Nomad before the world went crazy. With his Japanese wife, he has a child born in 2020.

Brandon Green discusses various topics, including sports, entertainment, current events, and business. He enjoys conversing with others and will gladly interview you.

So far Brandon has interviewed other podcasters, Happy Mindset coaches, and Book Authors.

He has even set up a website where he’ll link to other people’s web pages.

Brandon Green is doing his best to put people from all walks of life in front of as many people as he can.

He considers himself to be a little cheeky, making the tone of the discourse lighthearted and informal. Brandon wants all of the visitors to feel at ease.

What does Lets Go Brandon mean?

You may have noticed a lot of individuals wearing “Let’s Go Brandon” caps and T-shirts during the last several months. You’ve undoubtedly seen it on Facebook and other social media sites. You can read here what Brandon has written about the meme

When you first see it, the first thing that comes to mind is that it refers to a person named Brandon. But who is Brandon, and why is he so popular?

It is more to do with his detractors and Republican politicians than with Joe Biden, the 46th US President’s incapacity to manage North America’s legislative and administrative agendas.

  • When and where did it all begin?

The logical foundation for the “Let’s Go Brandon Meme” began in September 2021, when some detractors of the incumbent president screamed “F$%k Joe Biden” during a sporting event, and it quickly became a common political slogan to chant on various occasions.

On October 2, 2021, during an interview with NASCAR Xfinity Sparks 300 Race Winner Brandon Brown, it caught the attention of the media when NBC Reporter Kelli Stavast misunderstood the shout as “Let’s Go Brandon,” sparking the start of the meme.

It’s unclear if Kelli tried to distort the message on purpose or if she misheard it from the audience. The chant has become significant popularity with the public, and singers, politicians (mainly Republicans and certain members of Congress), and people who influence social media platforms are obnoxiously utilizing the term to attract the world’s attention. 

A couple on the list are:

  • Representative Bill Posey of Florida, a Republican, made a fist pump hand sign and used the “Let’s Go, Brandon!” phrase in a sarcastic statement on the house floor at the end of September 2021.
  • Representative Jeff Duncan began using the meme in October 2021 by wearing a mask with the words “Let’s Go, Brandon” inscribed. He wore the show and posted a photo of himself wearing it on Facebook with the caption “The American Citizens are Furious,” alluding to the current mood of the American public, which is dissatisfied with Biden’s handling of the North American administration’

Similarities between Lets go Brandon Green and The Joe Rogan Experience podcasts 

  • “The Joe Rogan Experience” is essentially a series of rambling chats, frequently over whiskey and weed, about themes such as comedy, cage-fighting, psychedelics, quantum mechanics, and left-wing political excesses.
  • ‘Let’s Go Brandon Green’ is also a podcast with interviews related to current events and business and politics. Even though this podcast is not sometimes accompanied by interviews and talks discussed over whiskey and weed, Brandon Green makes it more interesting with his jokes and puns. All the while giving the discussions the seriousness it deserves and keeping them interesting.
  • Both podcasts conduct exclusive interviews with topics that are currently trending. The interviews are usually very interactive and informative, especially let’s go, Brandon’s podcast interview with Martha Mok, the confidence coach. From the interview, you learn that there is nothing that can bring you down when you believe in your capabilities. I loved that podcast out of all the 15 episodes he has done.
  • Just like Brandon Green, Joe Rogan is an enthralling interviewer. He typically maintains his opinions to a minimum in order to let his guests to speak for themselves. His talks appear to be genuine and “in good faith.” He wants to hear what others have to say and treats the podcast as if it were his privilege to speak to people rather than his pulpit from which to speak.
  • Both Joe Rogan and Brandon Green are open and honest. They have open and honest conversations with people they interview about a lot of topics. They both make their guests very comfortable so that they speak freely.
  • Joe and Brandon can spend a couple of hours talking to folks with a variety of specialties. You will learn a lot about various topics. As a result, both podcasts remain entertaining to listen to and relate to.
  • Caridad Lloyd takes on the arduous goal of uncovering some type of truth via the shared experience of loss in each episode of Griefcast. This existential basis is highlighted by the use of humor. Because, well, Caridad is a comedian, and comedians are ideally suited to do that. The end effect is irreverent, spontaneous, simultaneously intimate, and hugely appealing.

Brandon records with Riverside.fm

I’d say, if you like the Joe Rogan Experience, then you would definitely like Let’s Go Brandon Green and Griefcast. Both of them share some similarities with the JRE in that they are open and free interviews with topics you can easily relate to.

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