Addiction Recovery Coach – Skip Sams

Skip Sams has been on quite a ride in life, making him more than qualified to be an addiction recovery coach.

Skip is a musician, composer, actor, and sober coach. He joins the long list of life coaches we’ve had on the show, but Skip has a unique and honest story to tell.

He joins us in this episode where he tells us about how he had a troubled 20 years or so as a crystal meth, Crack Cocaine drug addict who lost it all. In the midst of hitting ‘rock bottom’ Skip also had to deal with testing positive for HIV.

He knew what it was like to be trapped by the addiction of drugs, as a drug addict in Chicago. He tells his story of how he one day decided that he is no longer going to continue digging a hole for himself, he was fully intent on becoming a sober version of himself for life. He didn’t look back – Today he is still sober, over 15 years now, and helping others battling the same issue he was dealing with 20 years ago. He is now an Addiction Recovery Coach who is well-received by many battling the real and unsettling demons of addiction.

Addiction Recovery Coach

Skip is based in Chicago but also works out of Miami, Florida also. He also does online coaching sessions over Zoom. He believes that with his unique background, and having come from a place that is more than somewhat relatable to what his clients are experiencing and going through, he is certainly the man for the job so to speak.

“The defining moment when I got sober came after about 20 years of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, but it was crystal meth that brought me to my knees.”

Skip on the power of crystal meth

Skip is helping Addicts find their creativity again

Many addicts believe they can no longer find the creativity that they harbor within their minds, body, and soul. Skip was also a victim of this mindset, “using drugs and alcohol to fill a creative hole.” However, as a former drug addict Skip well and truly reconciled with what had happened, set himself some goals, and made a choice to make himself happy, finally he had a purpose, and with purpose in life, creativity soon becomes apparent.

Find more information about Skip or to seek out his services as an Addiction Recovery Coach in Chicago, Miami or online, check out: – Skim Sam’s Instagram – Skip’s Coaching services – Skip Sam’s Personal Website – check out Skip’s music – I did, it’s cool. I like it!

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