Aldi Ombra Sunscreen Review

Aldi Ombra Sun Cream review

This is my review of Aldi Ombra sunscreen. The Aldi sunscreen is purchased at all Aldi shops in Australia. The sunscreen specifically I’m going to talk about is the cream in the small tubes. The tubes are both green and yellow. 

Aldi Ombra Daily Defence Light Feel

The yellow tube is called Ombra SPF 50+ Daily Defence Light Feel. I bought this cream because it was so cheap and supposedly acted as both a moisturizer and a sun cream. I thought to myself, ‘Fantastic, this is two birds and one stone. This is going to be excellent!’

This is the product I am talking about.

I started to use it when I was at a Sunday market one day, in the June sun. June is winter in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

I put this on at around 5 a.m. before any sun was around. By 7 a.m., as the sun was coming out, my face started to burn as I’d never felt before.  It felt like my skin was tearing apart when I applied the Aldi Ombra sunscreen.

I kept applying more and more as I was in close reach of the sun cream. (something I now wish I was in a bit further distance to it.)  As the more I applied, the worse my skin seem to feel.

You have to remember that I didn’t really suspect it to be the sun cream to be doing this.

Who would suspect sun cream to be making the skin photosensitive? Now looking back this was a Photo-toxic reaction caused by the Aldi Ombra Daily Defence sun cream. I wasn’t to know this for a couple of months though.

I kept applying this Aldi Sun cream for weeks. I had no reason to suspect it was the sun cream doing me harm.

As I was driving around the City, doing gardening, and riding my motorbike, eventually I got the suspicion that it was this sun cream that was causing issues with my skin. I then swapped over to the green tube. Exactly the same thing.  

I also started to use this one too. Exactly the same reaction. Oh, here is also a story on this one doing damage in Queensland too.

My suspicion then grew of the Ombra Sun cream. I began to really think that was a possibility that that sunscreen was causing intense burning in my skin.

I thought to myself, if this is what causing it, this is amazing, as the burning is so intense, surely I wouldn’t be the only one experiencing this.

I then Googled for reviews on the Aldi Ombra sun cream. I could not believe what I found.

 I discovered a page on product reviews that had 90% one-star reviews. These sunscreen reviews were all complaining of exactly what I have been through. This stuff is poison.

 I then searched and found a News article, which I will link here, that also describes the same thing!

Aldi even offered to test the sun cream and came back with conclusive safe test results.

As I am typing this review up, I have also discovered the same reporter has written another article on Aldi Sunscreen, as recently as January 2022, this year!

I have no idea how this sunscreen came back safe or tested very similar to any other sun cream on the market.

After reading so many reviews on the Ombra sunscreen purchased from Aldi, it is evident that this stuff is no good and has contributed to my photosensitivity. This photosensitivity I have had since the use of this sun cream has since ruined my life. I wish I had just used sunscreen pills instead!

I have no idea what is in this that affects some of us so badly. Is it a case of our skin not being able to handle this sun cream, or have we all experienced a bad batch of the cream?

No sunscreen works on me anymore, and I have developed what I believe a Doctor has tried to diagnose me with, a condition called Chronic Actinic Dermatitis. This is what a Doctor in Greece diagnosed me with also.

Whenever I’m in the sun, my face where the sun cream had been applied years ago, burns like crazy. I’m searching for answers to heal this. I’m sure many of you are reading this review, as you believe that this is causing more harm than good. 

Let me assure you, I well and truly regret not reading Aldi Ombra sunscreen reviews before using this.

I must say that I have never used anything other than the cheap yellow and green tubes that are labeled as sun cream with SPF protection, protecting UVA and UVB broad-spectrum light.  therefore I cannot comment on the more traditional style of sunscreen that Aldi sells.

 I have no idea what he’s in this product that is so different and causes such a reaction to an obvious measurable percentage that uses this sun cream. however, I must say that something is definitely reacting between skin tights and whatever the ingredient is in this sun cream that causes such a phototoxic reaction.

 if you have any further information on this, burning while using Ombra sun cream from Aldi, please get in touch with me.

Judging from the media coverage on this previously, there must be at least one dermatologist likely that knows about this. I’m very sad that I used this sun cream. Thank you for reading my early sun cream review and I hope this can help some people. 

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