Alternative to Youtube – Justin Founder of fills us in

In today’s episode, we talk to Justin Derby, the Founder, and Director of

Justin is very passionate about being able to upload videos to social media, or just the internet without any hassle or restriction. Like many others, made the transition from Youtube to places like Bitchute and Odyssey when alternative video hosting websites became available.

However, like many things that start with so many promises. Many turn out to be nothing but ‘fake promises’ and don’t deliver on what they promise. They fall short of what they once intended to be.

listen to the podcast above about the newest alternative to youtube for 2022

Justin has seen a need for his product in the market, so he, along with the aid of some buddies set out to grow a community on His new website,

Corder.Tv is not even one month old at the time of filming and already has over 30 members who are regularly uploading to the website.

Even I joined the website after having seen it, and its potential. I will upload our conversation there as my first video to the platform.

In the 50-minute-long podcast about the latest alternative to Youtube, we covered:

  • why did Justin setup
  • Wo can use
  • How to use
  • What is Corder Bucks?
  • The benefits for content creators using Corder over Youtube
  • the ability to upload other files than just video to Corder – Jpeg, and MP3 for example

To contact Justin, or to set up your own Corder account, please visit one of the many links below:

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