Andrew Tate and Piers Morgan Full Interview – Reaction Video

My name is Brandon Green and I did a reaction video in response to the Andrew Tate Piers Morgan Full Interview in October 2022 on the British TV show, “Uncensored”

It is my opinion that Piers Morgan flew Andrew Tate to put the final nail in the poor guy’s coffin. Whatever happened to free speech? is it really dead?

What did Andrew Tate say to Piers Morgan during the interview?

Basically, it was Piers Morgan, and his team who flew Andrew Tate out to the studio of his TV show, Uncensored, to belittle him, as Andrew questions, and did not let him answer them.

Andrew Tate goes by the name of Top G, and was trying his hardest to answer the questions superbly, but found it rather difficult as the host of the show Piers Morgan kept talking over the top of him.

It appears that Andrew Tate has now conceded a little bit of ground since he was banned from all social media platforms on the internet. He now admits he has a huge following so it is understandable that people are trying and wanting to hold him accountable for what he says. I believe Andrew is now seeing depression and mental illness in another light. However, he also understands that if you are trying to please everyone, you will please no one.

What did Piers Morgan say to Andrew Tate during the Uncensored Interview on British TV?

Unfortunately, Piers Morgan was letting Andrew Tate know early on that it was going to be a one-way conversation. No discussion, as it was clear and obvious to this audience member what Piers had done, and was trying to do. To be honest, Piers did a very good job. To the layman, they would see it as another piece that shows Andrew Tate to be a character who is clearly not fit to have a voice. Piers should have calmed himself down, and discussed with Andrew, his opinion rather than yell at him as if he was a school teacher.

You can check out my reaction to it all below:

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