Best Chinese Restaurant Brisbane

Are you looking for the Best Chinese restaurant Brisbane has to offer?

Whether you’re a fan of Chinese seafood featuring, fresh fish, Honey-King prawns, and a delicious Peking Duck. Or perhaps you are a Vegan, but still want to visit the best Chinese restaurant Brisbane has, the recommendations are still the same.

You need to go to Market Square in Sunnybank for the best Chinese Restaurant in Brisbane!

Being a Digital Nomad, I’ve traveled all over the world, and have actually been to China 3 times! So I can compare the real authentic Chinese food in China to what we have here in Brisbane, and I must say, with Brisbane being a short direct flight to China, the Chinese food on offer in the city is impressive!

Does Brisbane have a Chinatown?

Yes! Chinatown in Brisbane is located in Sunnybank. Deadset, go for a drive through Sunnybank and the surrounding suburbs, you’d deadset think you were in Asia!

The heart of Chinatown in Brisbane is actually a place called Market Square, which during Covid progressed from an old rundown set of shops to a now dedicated Asian hub, leaning definitely towards the Chinese way of life, although you will find Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, and Malaysian restaurants there also.

The heart of Chinatown in Brisbane!

The Chinatown in Brisbane is incredible, not only will you find the best Chinese bars, restaurants, and cafes in Sunnybank. You will also find Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners who have Chinese herbs and my favorite acupuncturist Simon Wu is there. He’s a genius who learned all his skills in the depth of China

It is no wonder that you will find the best Chinese Restaurants Brisbane has to offer at Market Square, Sunnybank!

The Best Chinese Restaurant in Brisbane

The best Chinese restaurant in Brisbane is Taste Gallery at Market Square, Sunnybank. Well, it’s my favorite anyway. It has it all, Fish tanks with fresh fish swimming around that you can eat, big dining tables to host a party, Excellent staff, and the best-bottled beer in the whole world, Tsingtao!

Being a Vegetarian who prefers Chinese food, I often get the Seaweed Congee, mixed vegetables with mushrooms, or my favorite, Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein with Crispy noodles! Taste Gallery Restaurant is awesome, I rate it 10/10! The only thing is it closes early.

The other best Chinese Restaurant in Brisbane – Woka Woka Sunnybank

However, the second best, which is an extremely close ‘second best Chinese Restaurant in Brisbane’ is just a few doors down, which I rate at a solid 9.5/10 overall. The name of it is Woka Woka Sunnybank.

Market Square Shopping Centre – Woka Woka

Shop 21G 341 Mains Rd, Sunnybank QLD 4109

(07) 3219 6009

Woka Woka in Sunnybank is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Brisbane as the menu is very similar to Taste Gallery’s menu. But its main perk is it’s a Chinese Restaurant in Brisbane that is open late until 12am every night! The Chinese restaurant is open until midnight every night of the week! So everyone can enjoy great-tasting Chinese food, even shift workers and night owls like myself!

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