Bryan Clayton – C.E.O of GreenPaL shares his experience pioneering a mobile app

Bryan Clayton is the C.E.O and co-founder of GreenPal. GreenPal is a mobile app, catering to Americans nationwide. It is an online freelancing platform that connects homeowners with local landscapers and lawn care providers.

Think of it like Uber. You jump on your phone to call a car and driver to take you somewhere. Bryan and his team have mimicked that superbly. However, with GreenPal, you jump on your phone and call a gardener. He comes with his lawnmower and team to do your lawnmowing. Makes a lot of sense.

I think Bryan is a Genius, he got into this type of platform quite early. Way back in 2012, saw an opportunity and went for it. He has now scaled his business nationally.

Bryan talks about his desire to become a Tech-Entrepreneur. He was religiously studying his two mentors. The creator and founders of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Joe Gebbia. The other is Travis Kalanick, the co-founder of Uber.

You only have to download the GreenPal Mobile App

Americans from all over the country can download the app from the Play Store, or the Apple Store, and can easily be connected with an independent lawn care business that has been vetted for quality by GreenPal.

GreenPal app reviews

The GreenPal app has positive reviews, both on the Play Store version, and also the Apple Store’s variant.

review of GreenPal mobile app

Many customers praise the app and the concept in general. Customers who are using the GreenPal app and website are going there as they feel overwhelmed when needing their yard and garden attended to and maintained.

GreenPal customers love the service!

Where Bryan sees GreenPal in the Future

During the discussion with Bryan, he talked about his passion for seeing the platform soon launch in other countries. He plans on introducing Canadians to GreenPal, the United Kingdom, and eventually Australia. We look forward to having him back on the show when the Australian app is launched.

If you enjoyed listening and learning from Bryan, the good news is he has been appearing on quite a few different podcasts lately. I definitely recommend on listening to him further. Bryan seems very keen to give back to the community of keen entrepreneurs.

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