Business Relationship Marketing Specialist – Seannon Jones – #28

Relationship Specialist – Seannon Jones talks to Brandon today about the importance of Business Relationships

Seannon Jones has worked in business relationships for over 20 years now. She’s been it all, from the very beginning of the internet, where it wasn’t really a thing to now, where she says even Accountants can scale up their business using Social Media platforms such as Tik-Tok!

Seannon has to stay current and at the forefront of current trends. She has to always know what is working, uprising, and what is at the end of its lifecycle in terms of Marketing. She said that having a 20-year-old is one of her secrets, and definitely helps her, as you could imagine.

During the 26 minute-long chat we talked about:

  • What are SendOutCards?
  • How to use SendOutCards effectively?
  • What is TikTok?
  • Can Businesses use TikTok?
  • LinkedIn is a very professional platform
  • Instagram is the current social media platform of choice
  • Businesses need to remember to say thanks without trying to always up-sell all the time.

Contact Seannon Jones:

Seannon Jones

Relationship Marketing Specialist

SendOutCards – Independent Distributor


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