Can you do Acupuncture on yourself at home?

Have you been wondering if you can perform acupuncture on yourself at home?

Well, the answer is yes you can.

I even sell needles you can use at home. The same Acupuncture needles I use: Read on

The Profound Impact of Self-Acupuncture

I want to take a moment to share the profound impact that self-acupuncture has had on my life, not just as an acupuncturist but as a person. It’s a practice that has allowed me to reconnect with the essence of healing, to rediscover the power of our own bodies, and to nurture a deep sense of self-love and care.

Every time I gently tap that needle in, feeling the subtle resistance of my skin giving way, I’m reminded of the incredible potential for healing that resides within us all. It’s a reminder that we have the tools to alleviate discomfort, restore balance, and promote wellness, right at our fingertips, quite literally.

But self-acupuncture is not just about physical healing; it’s about emotional and spiritual nourishment too. The act of needling myself has become a sacred ritual, a moment of introspection and self-compassion. As the needle settles into the acupuncture point, I’m reminded to settle into myself, to be present in the moment, and to embrace self-acceptance.

There’s something profoundly comforting in knowing that I hold the power to ease my own discomfort, both physically and emotionally. It’s a reminder that we are not helpless in the face of life’s challenges; we have the ability to heal and to grow, and it begins with self-care.

Inspiring Others to do self-acupuncture at home

As an acupuncturist, I see the impact of self-acupuncture extending beyond my own life. It’s about inspiring others within our community to embrace this practice as well. By sharing our experiences and the benefits we’ve reaped, we encourage fellow practitioners to embark on their own journeys of self-care and self-discovery.

When we prioritize our well-being and demonstrate our commitment to self-care, it sends a powerful message to our patients. It shows them that we practice what we preach, that we genuinely believe in the transformative power of acupuncture, and that we are dedicated to fostering health and balance, both within ourselves and within our community.

In the end, self-acupuncture isn’t just a physical practice; it’s a profound emotional and spiritual journey. It’s a path to self-discovery, self-love, and self-empowerment. It’s a reminder that, as acupuncturists, we have the capacity to heal ourselves, and in doing so, we become even more potent healers for those we serve.

So, I invite you to embark on this journey of self-acupuncture, to tap into the wellspring of healing that resides within you, and to inspire others to do the same. Remember, it’s not just a practice; it’s a beautiful testament to the profound connection between self-care and our ability to heal and uplift those around us.

You obviously can’t hit as many acupuncture points as safely and effectively as if a trained and certified Acupuncturist was performing the acupuncture on you.

However, you can definitely still help yourself heal and feel better with self-acupuncture.

When do I perform Acupuncture on myself at home?

If I ever have a headache. Also, If I feel sluggish and need a rest as I think I may have depression or anxiety creeping in. Mainly it’s because my Hiatal Hernia is playing up.

How do I give myself an Acupuncture treatment at home?

I will grab my bag of Acupuncture needles and Alcohol wipes that I keep with me in my medicine drawer. (I do believe they should teach Acupuncture at school, at a basic level, and every house should have an acupuncture kit), and get needling into myself.

I use these needles to give myself acupuncture treatments –
You can also buy them if you want. Usually, sales are restricted to Acupuncturists only –
Acupuncture needles with Guide tube for beginners and home self-use – Click to BUY WITH FREE SHIPPING

Tip: Buy the 30 x 40mm size – That’s the easiest and the one i’m using in the video. Acupupuncture Needles to use on yourself

Who should learn how to give themselves Self-Acupuncture?

Everyone who is interested in learning Acupuncture and has the time to learn should be encouraged to learn this Ancient Chinese Medicinal craft.

Some people like to improve themselves by reading a self-help book, while others like to physically stimulate their body using ancient TCM.

It really is incredibly fascinating. Acupuncture is not something where you can just ‘buy the needles, and off you go’ – Acupuncture can be lethal if you do not know what you are doing, You will need to be trained in performing Acupuncture.

Why should a person learn to give themselves Acupuncture treatments at home?

If a person takes the time to study Acupuncture they can then treat themselves at home. But it doesn’t stop there. They can also treat their friends and family at home too.

You will no longer have to just settle for acupressure when you can learn to do acupuncture on yourself. Acupuncture points and acupressure points are the same and are serviced from the same Chinese medicine textbooks, however, it is much superior to learn how to do acupuncture on yourself rather than just acupressure.

I give myself acupuncture all the time. it makes me feel a lot better, and it’s so easy!

I highly recommend you acquire the Acupuncture kit. The needles will definitely help you in a way like never before. For example, I’ve even managed to have an acupuncture treatment on an airplane, during a flight!

Is giving yourself an Acupuncture treatment just as good as having an Acupuncturist perform the treatment on you?

Not usually, but it definitely can be! For example, one of the best Acupuncture sessions I’ve ever had was when I was sick with food poisoning whilst traveling as a Digital Nomad in Manila, Philippines. This then turned into a Kidney infection and when taking Clarithromycin to treat it. I truly didn’t know if I was Arthur or Martha. I was not well. I was so sick, and so far from feeling like my usual bouncy, and energetic self who is capable of being a podcast host.

I remember getting up the courage and finding the strength and energy to put the Acupuncture needles into my ‘Special Self-Acupuncture points’ I use when I need a good ‘pick-me-up’.

What Acupuncture points did I place the Acupuncture needles into my own skin?

  • Liver 3 x 2
  • Stomach 36 x 2
  • Liver 4 x 2
  • Large Intestine 11 x 2
  • Yin Tao – Between eyebrows, above the nose (Third-Eye)
  • Baihui (DU20) – Top of head

Within minutes of resting my head on the pillow, after placing these 10 needles in, I felt all this energy buzzing around my body and an unbelievable, and incredible feeling of levitation. I felt as if I had left my body and somehow floated on top of it 1-2 meters above in the air. I’ve had this feeling a few times during acupuncture but this time the feeling was so intense.

The Magic of the Points Needled

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into the specific acupuncture points I’ve mentioned in my journey of self-acupuncture, LI4 and LI11. These points hold special significance, not just because of their potential for healing, but also for the profound effects they’ve had on my well-being.

LI4 – The Gate of the Pool

Known as Hegu in Chinese, LI4 is often referred to as “The Gate of the Pool.” It’s located on the back of the hand, between the thumb and index finger. LI4 is a powerful point that can address various health concerns, ranging from pain relief to emotional balance. Needling LI4 has been a source of physical relief for me, helping to ease discomfort and tension.

Beyond its physical benefits, LI4 has a remarkable ability to promote emotional balance. The act of needling this point has a calming effect on the mind, making it an excellent choice for those moments when stress and anxiety threaten to overwhelm. It’s a gentle reminder that we have the power to find tranquility within ourselves.

LI11 – The Crooked Pond

LI11, also known as Quchi, translates to “The Crooked Pond.” Located on the outer side of the elbow, LI11 is renowned for its role in promoting immune function and reducing inflammation. When needled, this point sends a powerful message to the body to bolster its defenses and maintain balance.

From an emotional perspective, LI11 has been a source of inner strength for me. It’s a point that reminds me of my resilience and my capacity to overcome challenges. In moments of self-doubt or when faced with adversity, needling LI11 serves as a symbolic act of fortitude, reminding me that I can weather any storm.

Conclusion – Self-Acupuncture at home works wonders

After this session, I felt it was the turning point in my recovery from the bout of food poisoning from hell. for times like these, I truly believe Acupuncture should be bought to the attention of many more people. I hope more and more people learn acupuncture and gain the ability to give themselves Acupuncture treatments at home.

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  1. Hi. Thank you for your at home acupuncture information. Is there a beginners course ? I underwent unsuccessful fasciotomies on both lower legs. I am able to walk better since the surgeries but continue to have pressure and gait issues. I have had 3 acupuncture sessions and have noticed increased control of my left leg. I am interested in continuing acupuncturehave

    1. You may have to research some good books, but definitely find a local acupuncturist who can teach you the essentials and basic fundamentals of acupuncture.

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