Covidlonghaulers Reddit – Moderators break their own rules

Covidlonghaulers Reddit has been one of the fastest-growing subreddits in recent times.

Let’s dive into a special corner of Reddit – the /r/covidlonghaulers subreddit. It’s a hub for those battling the after-effects of COVID-19, and it’s quite a unique space. Here’s what makes it stand out:

1. A Strong Sense of Community:

  • Over 16,000 members share and support each other.
  • Real stories, real people.

2. No Nonsense Allowed:

  • Strict moderation? You bet.
  • Say no to misinformation and yes to facts.

And, let’s not forget the impact this subreddit has:

Emotional SupportA place to vent, share, and feel less alone.
Information SharingTips, experiences, and the latest updates.
Collective VoiceAmplifying long COVID issues to the world.

So, what’s the takeaway? /r/covidlonghaulers isn’t just a subreddit; it’s a beacon of hope and knowledge. It’s where you find real talk, real stories, and real support. In the world of long COVID, that’s pretty priceless. Stay safe and informed, everyone!

The Problem I have with the Covidlonghaulers Subreddit

The moderators don’t even follow their own rules and believe real sufferers of Long-Covid. They deleted my post, which I will post below, and marked it as breaking rule 3, ‘no conspiracy theories’. However the issue is I wasn’t talking about any conspiracy theories, nor did I break any rule. I mentioned that Long Covid left me with MCAS, which gave me Electromagnetic Sensitivity. it’s not a conspiracy or anything like that.

This activity from the Covidlonghaulers subreddit is concerning as medical scientists are using the subreddit to gather anecdotal data in order to try to work out what is going on with people suffering from Long Covid.

My deleted post from Covidlonghaulers Subreddit

This is the post that got deleted from covidlonghaulers subreddit – As you can see, backed up with relevant links, yet it’s considered ‘conspiracy theories’.

The best weblink I’ve found on the net about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)

I’ve had both of these for nearly a year now, detoxing from mold, as when most people get it, after getting Covid..
I knew it was MCAS a year earlier, as I had found others with the same intolerance to sunburn (which i had gotten from a sunscreen chemical reaction) High Histamine food and drink flared me hard, it was obvious.

I got on Ketotifen, and started seeing results, but most came when I started adding Sauna’s in to the mix. – 60 Minutes covering MCAS

If you think this all sounds too farfetched, and it won’t happen to you, well it definitely could. If you are active in this subreddit, you are at risk. Before you know it you could be sleeping in a bathtub for a few nights, clinging on to life. Most people don’t know what is happening to them with various reactions is called MCS. The sooner you know, the better, as the reactions always cascade up and take forever to come back down.

I just had my first sleep in my bed in 12 months last night, but had nightmares all night long, and woke up in a bit of pain on my back… but I’m making progress, and I hope to get back in there again tonight. Sleeping on the floor is no fun in a home full of spiders, killed a funnel-web spider the other night.

Also knowing all this, and with relevant test results doesn’t mean anything, the crazy psychiatrists still locked me up for 5 days saying I was ‘suffering from delusions’, yet who’s the delusional one?
I wrote a tongue-in-cheek book about it, in children’s format, free for you to download if you wish to help spread awareness.

Let’s hope 2024 brings further advancement in this little-known, but big impacting issue to life.

Covidlonghaulers Reddit team needs to loosen up

As you can see the moderators at the covidlonghaulers subreddit need to loosen up and discover that EHS is a real and true result of long covid for some people.

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