David Pakman Youtube Show Review

David Pakman Youtube Show

Have you come across the David Pakman Youtube show? I have, and let me give you an honest review of his Youtube Show. It’s beyond Terrible.

He has talked to the great Jesse Lee Peterson, and once even considered Jesse to be his friend until David Pakman backstabbed Jesse on his Youtube Show. Quite insulting, but this is what you would expect from this guy if you were to learn about him.

He wins the lefties over, and they absolutely adore David. I believe all of David Pakman’s fans love him because he is a massive virtue signaller. Liberals of the world love nothing more than virtue signaling. It’s easy to do and looks great amongst their peers.

What is David Pakman’s Youtube Show about?

The David Pakman Show is hosted on Youtube. David makes sure his show is about how to brainwash his audience and keep them brainwashed.

Because David has control of his own show, he can deliver it in any way he likes (Yay for freedom of speech) but just think of CNN on steroids. That’s it.

If you want to get a good hit of your daily propaganda, make sure to check out The David Pakman Show. Or if you are like me, and just want to see what direction the brainless and brain-dead of society are going this week, drop in and check it out on occasion, it’s a great insight. Plus the laughs are great!

Where does David Pakman Live?

David lives in Boston, Massachusetts. This is where he hosts his Youtube and other Twitch shows from.

David Pakman Information

He is a strange and complicated guy, that talks a lot and doesn’t think much, He talks a lot and is considered to be a BETA MALE by Jesse Lee Peterson, and other friends and fans of his.

While I respect what David has to say, I cannot agree with much of what he says at all. He bashes Trump constantly and will continue to do so. He has Trump Derangement Syndrome as bad as it gets.

I do hope the guy will wake up soon and stop defending things like mandatory vaccine shots for everyone. I consider him to be a dangerous man.

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    • Pakman is a very strange man. He is likely a RINO, FAR-RIGHT mean person who fakes to be some person he knows his followers will adore. All he does is spread misinformation all day and is gobbled up by his fans.

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