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Digital Nomad Travel Blogger – Loving the world while Working

I have spent the vast majority of the last 10 years traveling the world while working as a ‘Digital Nomad’ before the term ‘Digital Nomad’ was even heard of. I’ve always been too busy working on my online businesses to be bothered to document and blog my travels – until now. I am now a Digital Nomad Travel Blogger.

Digital nomad - traveling the world while working online
I was once a solo world traveler for years. Living and working all over the place. My Laptop was my office. Vodafone’s $5 Roaming was a game-changer for me. People ringing me from Australia thought I was in Australia. It only cost me an additional $5 per day to use my phone exactly as I would back home, 10GB of Roaming data and all!

I’ve previously worked and traveled in the USA, U.K, Colombia, Fiji, Singapore, Thailand, China, Japan, and Eastern Europe to name just a few places.

I’ll be able to share many tips and tricks I’ve learned and gathered along the way in my travels, such as how best to deal with Airports as a frequent traveler, AirBNB and accommodation little-known secrets, and how I plan my itinerary for my travels.

Destinations traveled to as a Digital Nomad – My Travel Blogs

Below is a list of countries I have been to as a Digital Nomad. I have documented my journey and what I have thought of the towns and cities. I am sharing my experiences with you and hope I can pass on some valuable knowledge.



  • Bangkok
  • Phuket

Airline Reviews – Flights I’ve flown on

How did I become a Digital Nomad Travel Blogger?

After having built my sales website that was generating plenty of leads, of which I was easily converting to many sales, It was clear that I had options in front of me.

Do I continue growing my business and make it the best I possibly can, one of the best? or do I settle with what I have now but am able to continue to work on the road – travel overseas, and live a life of travel and adventure? I chose the latter.

And now Because I am the host of the Lets Go Brandon Podcast, I make sure the place where I’m staying has a fast and solid Wi-Fi connection where I can connect with my podcast guests via Video interview.

You can also become a Digital Nomad Travel Blogger. You just have to start a blog site, and Youtube page and keep it updated with all the places you have been. Don’t be shy in documenting your experiences. It also makes for a fantastic travel journal!

Digital Nomad lifestyle with family

I am now a father and husband. Traveling these days is quite a bit different from how it once was for me.

digital nomad traveling with family
I still work at Cafe’s occasionally, but only when my ratbag toddler is having a nap. I take advantage of this time to drink some good coffee and smash out some work!

Everywhere I go, my toddler son and wife do too. Because of this, new priorities have appeared. Accommodation, food, and transportation are all looked at from another dynamic and aspect. I can’t really just scoot around all day, can I? It’s things like car hire and child-friendly accommodation now, isn’t it?

My wife is Japanese and she’s also trying her hardest to become a Digital Nomad Travel blogger.

Can you be a Digital Nomad Travel Blogger with a family?

Yes, whilst being a Digital Nomad travel blogger with a family is definitely hard work, but not really any harder than being a parent anyway. It’s all hard. Being a Digital Nomad with a family in tow is definitely possible, especially if the little ones are young.

digital nomad traveling family
Our 18-month-old loves his parents being Digital Nomads.

Besides, traveling with the family is a goal for every family. We are just doing it a little more than usual, but today, what is usual?

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