Meet the Gentlemen who host After 5ive Da Podcast: They come on and tell their story. – #9

Who are the guys behind After 5ive Da Podcast:

How did it get started?

Who does it include?

Ali, Faybo, and Dru are three friends who have known each other for a very long time.

They tell their story about how they have started a podcast and have gone from knowing nothing in the beginning to now having a well-oiled machine, frequently and consistently pumping out new episodes, having fun, and learning heaps along the way!

Be sure to catch the gang on their podcast at:




I’ll be keeping an eye on these guys. They are very keen to learn, confident, and entertaining to listen to on their own.

The best part is they have a heap of incredible guests lined up to join them and already a bunch of great shows under their belts!

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