How to Avoid Burnout with Dr. Candace Drummond

How to Avoid Burnout with Dr. Candace Drummond – The importance of making time for yourself.

Dr. Candace Drummond is the burnout expert. Many people are susceptible to ‘burn out’. A lot of Entrepreneurs work very hard. They work so hard that they find themselves ‘burning the candle at both ends.’

However there’s another group of people who are equally or more prone to suffer burnout, and that’s new mothers.

New moms are often so tired, especially at the beginning of the newborn babies’ life that they find themselves on auto-pilot.

Who is Doctor Candace Drummond?

Dr Candace Drummond is a Psychologist based in Florida but can help anyone virtually all over. All her work is done with Virtual calls or video conferences.

If you would like to learn more about burnout, I definitely recommend you listen to this podcast about Burnout where we talk about:

  • How to identify burnout
  • The triggers of burnout
  • Who can help you with burnout
  • Insurance programs that you may not have known about, will help you get in touch with a professional

Listen to the Podcast about burnout below

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