How to become a Digital Nomad – Lori Konkler #32

In this episode, Brandon sits down with Lori Konkler who describes herself as an online business coach. She has multiple online businesses so thought she would be the one to help start a business assisting those who are asking, “How to Become a Digital Nomad?”

Lori started her journey as a Digital Nomad nearly a decade a go. She can now work from anywhere as a DN and absolutely loves it. She hated living in Wisconsin and having a boss, a job, and all that stuff. She relishes being free with her family. As a Digital Nomad myself, I can really relate to her. Life is a lot better being your own boss and doing what you want to do without an office and living with the excitement of being in a new town or city when you want a change in the scenery.

Throughout the interview where we talked about the subject, How to become a Digital Nomad?” we also touched on other aspects to help people with their new freedom-based lifestyle:

  • Where to find information on becoming a Digital Nomad?
  • How to get started living life as a Digital Nomad?
  • What places can I live as a Digital Nomad?
  • Where can I find clients that will pay me to work online remotely?

Lori has her own Business setup that helps wannabe Digital Nomads do just this, and can answer all these questions personally to each clients individual circumstances.

You can find more information on Lori’s Social Media and her website.

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