How to deal with flying anxiety – Use Acupuncture

Do you have a fear of Flying? If so, I can give you a tip that helps me relax during a flight, just as a Valium or some other benzo pill would, without needing to give yourself a toxic dose.

If you have ever had Acupuncture, there is a high chance you may already know how relaxing it can be for you. I find Acupuncture puts me to sleep 9 out 10 times that I have it – It’s just that powerful. -This is by far the best method that helps me relax while flying on a plane – Do you think you could do this also?

How to relax during a flight?

There are a few ways to relax during a flight –

Some people:

  • Drink beer
  • Drink wine
  • Get gassed off their head with the Spirits served from the Trolley Dolly’s.
  • Tell their GP about an upcoming flight they have booked, and how they are terrible flyers. Their Doctor then happily gives these people a few Benzo pills to help make their flight more comfortable – Yikes!

What do I do to help me relax during a flight?

Most of the time I fly Business or 1st Class, but on this flight, I flew Economy Class which was nearly just as good as I was lucky enough to have a vacant seat next to me.

Seriously, you don’t need to just use Acupuncture to help you deal with jetlag. I needled many common and well-used Acupuncture points.

How do I give myself Acupuncture during a flight?

When I fly Business Class or First Class I tend to have a lot more privacy. However, I was on full display the other night when I decided to relax, and put myself to sleep while on a long-haul flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Osaka, Japan.

All you need to do is bring Alcohol Wipes and a few of these special Acupuncture Needles with Guide-Tubes. Swab the Acupuncture points that you intend to use and carefully put the needles in.

Using Acupuncture to help you deal with the fear of flying?

So here is proof that you can naturally and safely put yourself to sleep during an anxious flight with plenty of turbulence to scare you half-to-death.

Acupuncture, it’s the best way to deal with Aerophobia, or just plain old anxiety in my books!

Definitely, the best way to help people deal with flying anxiety.

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