How to get your business featured in the media – Polly Helps us – PollyAnna Brown #29

We talk to PollyAnna Brown of

PollyAnna’s whole career is built around Entrepreneurs asking, ‘How to get your business featured in the media?’

PollyAnna has been helping businesses just like mine and yours get exposure on TV, the Radio, Magazines, Online Journals, and podcasts.

How to get your business featured in the media?

The main thing is matching your target market’s medium and choice of media with your business’s product or service.

What type of Advertising in the media is best for you? Is it a Magazine, Newspaper, website, or now a podcast?

Once she finds out the best way to be featured in front of an audience, she will then put together a story to promote you that resonates the best with the audience.

If you are in Australia, you can reach out to to assist you with this service too.

How you can write a book with minimal effort – Ghostwriting

Polly also discusses what it’s like to be a ghostwriter, and how a Ghostwriter can assist you in your work. Maybe you are too busy to write the book that you always want to write (this is what she says happens mostly).

The best thing for you to do is just get in contact with Polly. Tell her your story and how you want it to sound. Tell her the most important parts, and highlight the parts of the story that you want to really get across to the viewers.

You can discuss with Polly if you want to put in a whole lot of your own input by helping her write the book and story. However many people just want to tell her the story, and have her write it. and that’s all o.k too!

During the 1 hour-long chat we talked about:

  • Helping Businesses get media exposure
  • service-based businesses work great for PR
  • Magazines charging money to get featured is a scam
  • Publicist pitching is a specialty
  • Ghostwriting for story-tellers
  • Publishing Vs Self-Publishing

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