How to read blood test results – Feel better again with Janessa Finley

In this episode, we feature Janessa Finley, the founder of Fiercely Radiant Soul. Janessa is a Certified Energy Psychology Practioner and Certified to use synergistically formulated Nutritional Supplements.

While it’s common to have health symptoms, it’s not normal. Our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions all influence the physical health of our bodies.  Yet all too often, we take an approach to treat just one body part leaving us searching Dr. Google for answers to get the true healing we desire.  Mindset, energy psychology, and functional medicine are just three of the many ways to engage whole-body, holistic healing.

My Blood test results are normal but I still don’t feel good

Those blood labs your doctor tells you are normal, even when you have symptoms you can’t find answers to and feel anything BUT normal, hold the key to your healing.  Using narrower functional medicine blood lab ranges you can get real answers to what is driving the “dis-ease” or discomfort you have in your body.  

How to read blood test results? Dive Deeper than your General Physician

Grab your blood labs and follow along to see if you have any low-grade infections that could negatively impact your health, causing you to experience symptoms you’d rather not have.  

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