How to start a tent rental business – Adam Keller

Meet Adam Keller, an American Entrepreneur who has perfected the tent rental business model. He is helping people all over the world start a tent rental business by offering them an insight into his blueprint for the tent party business model.

Adam, ‘The Tent Guy’ has amassed a big following on Youtube.

Once he started the Youtube video he found hundreds of budding entrepreneurs wanting to learn how to start their own party tent rental business also! They were asking him all types of different questions, from all over the world. People were seeking Adam to find out exactly how they could mimic and emulate what he has streamlined and learned, and incorporate it into their own businesses!

Tent Rental Business – Course

With all of these people asking questions and some keen as mustard to get going, he made the decision to start designing a course to weed out the time-wasters and focus only on helping the serious guys.

The course consists of everything, from what tent to buy, how to set them up the best, and staff to employ, right down to how to structure the finances for the business he set up, and how you could also (if you live in a State with similarities)

Adam believes most people who want to begin to work independently, have great work ethic, and love a challenge would be able to thrive in the course. Not knowing how to do something is 90% of the problem when first starting out doing something new, however, the Start A Party Rental Company business takes all the ‘figuring out for yourself’ aspect right out of it. A process that has cost him 10’s of thousands of dollars, and over 1000 hours of time.

How to start a tent rental business

started a small rental company at the age of 22.  I sacrificed and reinvested nearly everything I could in order to grow as fast as I could.  Within 4 years I was making $300K a year and never had to work a normal job again.  I kept reinvesting and working hard, and now bring on over $1M each year.  I like teaching others about this business and showing them the power of owning things and charging customers to use it.

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