I have just been diagnosed with Chronic Actinic Dermatitis (CAD) – A rare Skin condition

Whilst on ‘holiday’ in Greece, my face finally, after 18 months of stinging and burning internally, broke out in rough patches under my eyes, around my cheeks, and in amongst my eyebrows, on my forehead.

A few days before seeing a Doctor about the Chronic actinic dermatitis I had developed, my face was feeling burnt and tight.

Chronic actinic dermatitis felt like a burn

Almost like a windburn feeling. The tightness, after a few days, turned into red scales. I was picking off dry, flaky scales. It felt a lot like a shaving rash. I had never had this before during my 18 months prior battle with severe photosensitivity of the face.

‘this is finally starting to resemble what the doctor in Australia tried telling me I had.’, I thought to myself.

He had called it Sebhoric photosensitive Dermatitis, I guess that’s another name he had given it. He had also prescribed me Salicylic acid to try and burn my skin off I guess. Also, a treatment that I can’t find aligns with Chronic actinic dermatitis anywhere.

I called a local Doctor, close to the resort I was staying at. I told him I could not leave the room during the day, but he could come to the resort. So he made a home call to see me the next morning.

Anyway, this Greek doctor in Heraklion said he had seen it 10 years earlier, an older guy in Germany. He said mine was quite mild to the older guys. I agree, mine is very mild, but at least, and for once, it was visibly a newer and more severe form of dermatitis that I had never had before.

He wanted to prescribe me Steroid creams, but I told him that I had tried this stuff before and it had never worked. I also showed him that it’s considered an older method of healing and treating CAD. Tacrolimus cream is considered a more modern and effective treatment that doesn’t thin the skin. He shrugged his shoulders, and said, “I haven’t prescribed this since that last guy who had this CAD Dermatitis in Germany, but I can do that.” Odd, Doctors logic, ha.

I lightly coated my face in this cream, and my neck too, as it was the first time I had been getting a burning sensation in my neck. The Tacrolimus cream burned but, to be honest, I was expecting more. It burnt for hours after putting it on.

I was putting it on twice a day. I did this for a couple of days, but then I started to dilute the cream with Vaseline, as there have been studies suggesting that the .03% Tacrolimus is just as effective as the .01% I had been given to treat my Chronic actinic dermatitis.

Tacrolimus cream – Review for Dermatitis

Within 24 hours the slight swelling that I had in my face had started to decrease. The redness in my face was slowly turning pink.

Special Sunscreen for Chronic actinic dermatitis

This sunscreen manufacturing company has made a special sunscreen with CAD in mind. The picture is the ‘v’ pattern commonly associated with this type of dermatitis. I have no pain or burning on the chest. Only on my face, and now the neck area.



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