Is Jesse Lee Peterson a Homosexual?

My thoughts on the Documentary released ‘exposing’ J.L.P as a Homosexual Predator

Firstly, I’d like to definitely say that I do not think Jesse Lee Peterson is a predator at all. I think 21 Studios needs to learn the definition of the word Predator.

Recently 21 Studios released a documentary titled ‘Amazing Disgrace’ – This was followed a week later by a follow-up video, titled ‘PROOF @Jesse Lee Peterson is a Homosexual Predator Pastor!’

You can watch the two video’s alleging JLP to be a Homosexual predator below to find out for yourself:

This was the initial video that was shockingly published by 21 studios.
After the first video, they followed up with this video. Many comments are from supporters of Jesse who find there to be no real PROOF – Despite the video’s claims.

There is enough proof for me to find Jesse Lee Peterson to be a homosexual

I have watched the videos and believe they are very wishy-washy in their ‘proof’. However, I believe that Jesse Lee Peterson’s actions have not helped his cause if he does indeed not want to be known as a homosexual.

I also believe that 21 Studios have done themselves no favors in calling the once-great JLP a ‘Predator’.

As I summed up in my recent podcast about Jesse Lee Peterson’s gay rumors, I’d really love to see him speak about this, and set the record straight, as all this running that he is doing is confusing me. He’s the ultimate Alpha, well he always was to me. He also taught me that an Alpha never runs. Only ‘Beta’s’ run.
I will give him a few weeks to compose himself, get his story straight, and explain his side of the story, and why he feels the need to hide his sexuality or feel shameful about it. If that is, what this is all about.

Being gay does not make you a Beta

Just take a look at Ian Roberts. No one dared to call big Robbo a Beta 30 years ago. They copped a floggin’ from the big Alpha if they did.

Is Jesse a Homophobe who can be explained by this scientific study?

As I said in the podcast, there is a study that suggests homophobes are true homosexuals who just cannot come to terms with the fact that they are attracted to the same sex. Have a read of it.

What do you think? Could that be an explanation for Jesse’s behavior and character?

I just really hope Jesse can make me understand what I have watched from the team at 21 Studios.

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