Life And Relationship Coach focusing on A.D.H.D – Shane Thrapp Of – #24

Life And Relationship Coach – A.D.H.D Shane Thrapp

Shane Thrapp, Life & Relationship coach, specialising in ADHD, and also Ethical Non-Monogamy is the founder of

life relationship coach

He joins us today to discuss what is ADHD and being diagnosed with ADHD

In the episode we cover:

  • Who is Shane Thrapp
  • His 8-year-old child diagnosed with ADHD
  • What are the symptoms of ADHD?
  • Psychiatrist prescribes drugs for ADHD
  • Can be hard to make friends with ADHD
  • How is someone diagnosed with ADHD?

Life and Relationship Coach – A.D.H.D Shane Thrapp Video Brandon Green Podcast

Listen to the Audio Podcast below:

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