Lions Mane Mushrooms Side Effects

lions mane mushrooms side effects

Lions Mane Mushrooms Side Effects – A dangerous mushroom to a few

Nootropic supplements have become a trend recently. But are they truly effective, and do they have any adverse effects?

The supplement developers would tell you they don’t. But do they have any basis for denial?

If you are considering taking lion’s mane, read this article first to find out the unpublished adverse effects of this nootropic.

Is Lion’s Mane really safe and effective?

Today, we have more fake reviews and misinformation than ever before. So, testimonials can be misleading. Clinical studies are the best way to ensure a supplement’s effectiveness.

You will probably be surprised to learn that, contrary to claims, lion’s mane does not have a sufficient scientific basis. The studies conducted are limited to animal trials.

In a diligent search, we found only one clinical trial. And only 15 people took lion’s mane in this study. This is not conclusive data. Not even close to it.

There are no big studies, let alone a meta-analysis. The evidence of its effectiveness is only based on testimonials, and we know how misleading they can be.

Lion’s Mane side effects, according to manufacturers

Supplement developers will tell you that it has no adverse effects. Of course, it suits them.

If you google for adverse effects of lion’s mane, you will probably come across those advertised for almost all supplements. They include gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea, nausea, and so on.

They will tell you to consume the supplement with food to reduce gastrointestinal adverse effects. And they will talk about possible allergic reactions.

But let’s go further: What have been the adverse effects reported by lion’s mane users?

The truth about Lion’s Mane side effects

In the absence of studies with a large population, the market has become a massive clinical trial. In other words, they’re experimenting with us.

The adverse effects users report are the ones that health authorities take into account to regulate the supplement. Unfortunately, that means that when you take it, you agree to roll the dice and hope for the best.

You could have good results, but you could also have totally unexpected consequences. And the worst thing is that there is no warning label about it. Fortunately, people affected by adverse events have started to speak out.

Here are some of the side effects they have reported:

  • Panic attacks: There are many reports of anxiety and panic attacks, even among people who never suffered from these problems. Apparently, lion’s mane puts the central nervous system in a permanent state of fight or flight, causing intense anxiety episodes.
  • Arterial hypertension: This permanent state of fight or flight is caused by the sympathetic nervous system. It also raises our blood pressure.
  • Sexual disorders: It is very common to find reports of numbness in the genitals, low libido, ejaculation problems, and so on. Lion’s mane could be causing damage to the central or peripheral nervous system without us knowing. The reported symptoms are similar to neuropathy due to circulatory problems or diabetes.
  • Light Sensitivity – A lot of people are suggesting that LYME disease could be flaring after experiencing dangerous Lions mane supplement side-effects. This is what I likely have, and the reason to my light sensitvity.

Worst of all, the adverse effects do not disappear when you stop the supplement. Most users reporting adverse effects continue feeling this way for weeks or months. They wonder if they will ever have a normal sensation in their genitals again and if they will ever stop feeling anxious and emotionally unstable.

And it has little to do with doses. Some took high doses, and others took the recommended dose. They took it for a few days, weeks, or even a single pill. You are testing your luck by taking this.

And remember that lion’s mane effectiveness is in question. So, do you think it’s worth the risk?

Speak up and let your story be told

If you have already tried lion’s mane and are experiencing adverse effects, you are not alone. There is an ongoing movement brewing on the internet under a lion’s mane recovery subreddit.

Nowadays, you can report the adverse effects of a supplement on pages like this one. That way, your story can be taken into account, as well as many others. Don’t keep silent, and don’t settle just by talking to your doctor.

Make your story be heard so that others do not fall victim to this supplement. In addition to having no evidence of effectiveness, lion’s mane has proven to be a potential danger to many users.

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