Matty Lansdown – How to Not Get Sick and Die #18

Matty Lansdown – podcast host of How to Not Get Sick and Die

In this episode I speak to Matty Lansdown of the top-rating Podcast, ‘HOW TO NOT GET SICK AND DIE’ – You can find it here on Spotify or here on Apple Podcasts

I and many others find Matty to be a breath of fresh air in the health industry. A true professional who hasn’t let himself stray away from his true beliefs in giving patients and others true health advice. Not all people want to ‘sell out’ and value the dollar over their morals and instincts, Matty is one we can trust.

Matty Lansdown is dedicated to giving his listeners excellent health advice.

In this podcast, he answers questions on:

  • The dangers of Sugar, how it has been linked to cancer in humans, and how it is such a bad modern world habit
  • Type 3 Diabetes – Resistance to insulin in the brain
  • How to replenish the gut with good Probiotics
  • Emotional ‘Comfort Eating
  • Why do we need Vitamin D and what is the best way to get it
  • Matt tells us about his podcast and how it’s been referred to as a ‘One-Stop Shop’ – How to Not Get Sick and Die
  • What made him leave the typical career path as one would typically do with his previous work experience and qualifications?

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