McDonalds Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream Review

Mcdonalds chocolate soft serve ice cream review

How good is the new McDonalds chocolate soft-serve ice cream? It’s brilliant. It has a rich chocolate taste to it.

The new ice cream is not at all a dark, black version of the standard traditional white Vanilla soft-serve ice cream that they’ve been dishing up for years. Which is delicious and tasty in its own right! For 70c you cannot go wrong.

Everyone must simply try the new Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream on offer.

Eating this scrumptious new ice cream will put you in a Positive Mindset!

Mcdonalds Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream
The new soft serve ice cream tastes as good as it looks!

What is the price of the new Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream at Mcdonald’s?

Exactly the same as the Vanilla Ice cream! Which is great. You can have it in a Sundae, or McFlurry too. Experiment with it.

My Review of the new Chocolate Ice Cream at Macca’s

Where can you get the new Chocolate Soft Serve Ice-Cream?

There was a rumor out, at the beginning of December 2022, that the new flavored soft serve ice cream will be rolled out to every Mcdonald’s store across the country, but Macca’s has clarified that this wont be the case.

I’ve discovered that the bigger and busier stores have it in stock at the moment. But it’s likely that the other stores will get it soon also, as how could they not.

Will it be just a limited-edition flavour?

I’m not exactly sure. Mcdonald’s denies it’s a permanent change to their menu. So it’s likely going to be a Limited Edition thing that they offer, every couple of years to get the curious and non-regular customers to entice people to walk through their doors once again.

What does the new Chocolate Ice Cream taste-like?

Many people have said it tastes like Chocolate flavored Frozen Yoghurt. However, I do agree with the people who say it tastes a lot like a Chocolate Paddle-Pop! I believe it tastes so much like a Chocolate Paddlepop that they’ve just stuffed a heap of Chocolate flavored Paddle-Pop’s in the machine and have made them spit out Chocolate soft serve ice cream straight into the cone on the other side.

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