Mould Testing Australia

mould testing australia

Do you suspect you have mold, but you don’t have a clue on how to go about getting mold testing in Australia? I was the same. Let me explain to you how I got myself tested for Mould in Australia. In America ‘Mould’ is spelled as ‘Mold’.

I have been having crazy light sensitivity since I caught Covid in Feb 2020. Long Covid appears to have triggered Mould Toxicity in many people around the world. Many people are now seeking testing and treatments for mould toxicity.

Once I got the positive test for mould, I then began to start detoxing. I went and saw a very Chinese Acupuncturist, who did cupping also as a part of a detox session. I felt crazy as I was herxing hard after this. Treatment for Mould Toxicity is just a beast! The first few weeks are the worst.

Some people live in houses like this, especially after flooding has occurred. They still don’t connect the dots and seek out mould testing in Australia until they are well and truly very crook!

airconditioner mould
Some people find mould growing in their Air conditioner in their Australian home, This can be removed with vinegar. They say don’t use bleach. Black mould is common and known as Stachybotrys Chartarum in the laboratory where a scientst will conduct your mould toxicity test via a urine test.

Mould Urine Test – Australia

There are two types of Mould Toxicity testing you can request. You don’t need a GP to order these tests, you can order them and have them sent to one though.

There is a basic test, and an Extensive test that tests for more mycotoxins I believe.

This is the instructions on how to do your test. Very simple and is done in your home by yourself.

This is the Extensive test that I got. I got this as I wanted to be sure. I wanted to have as much data as possible.

The Mould test in Australia is a urine sample that you collect, and send off to the lab, back in Melbourne. Within a few weeks, you will have your test results. after they then send it off to Houston, Texas to be tested in the USA.

Mould Testing – Results from Realtime Labs

Here are my results. Positive for Trichothecene and Gliotoxin mycotoxins. I have since started treatment on this, but I expect it to be a long road. If you have any questions in regards to mould testing in Australia, reach out to

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