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Do you suspect you have mould, but you don’t have a clue on how to go about getting mould testing in Australia? I was the same. Let me explain to you how I got myself tested for Mould in Australia. In America ‘Mould’ is spelled as ‘Mold’.

I have been having crazy light sensitivity since I caught COVID-19 in Feb 2020. Long Covid appears to have triggered Mould Toxicity in many people around the world. Many people are now seeking testing and treatments for mould toxicity.

Once I got the positive test for mould, I then began to start detoxing. I went and saw a very Chinese Acupuncturist, who did cupping also as a part of a detox session. I felt crazy as I was herxing hard after this. Treatment for Mould Toxicity is just a beast! The first few weeks are the worst.

And Doctors thought I was crazy, so they sent me to the Psych ward, said I had Schizophrenia. It inspired me to write a childrens book about my experience with mould toxicity and colonisation.

Some people live in houses like this, especially after flooding has occurred. They still don’t connect the dots and seek out mould testing in Australia until they are well and truly very crook!

airconditioner mould
Some people find mould growing in their Air conditioner in their Australian home, This can be removed with vinegar. They say don’t use bleach. Black mould is common and known as Stachybotrys chartarum in the laboratory where a scientist will conduct your mould toxicity test via a urine test.

Mould Urine Test – Australia

There are two types of Mould Toxicity testing you can request. You don’t need a GP to order these tests, you can order them and have them sent to one though.

There is a basic test and an Extensive test that tests for more mycotoxins I believe.

These are the instructions on how to do your test. Very simple and is done in your home by yourself.

This is the Extensive test that I got. I got this as I wanted to be sure. I wanted to have as much data as possible.

Mycotoxin Exposure Urine

The Mould test in Australia is a urine sample that you collect, and send off to the lab, back in Melbourne. Within a few weeks, you will have your test results. after they send it off to Houston, Texas to be tested in the USA.

Understanding Mould Toxicity Testing

Mould toxicity has emerged as a significant concern for many individuals, especially those experiencing unexplained health issues. While often overlooked, mould toxicity can have severe implications on one’s health. This article delves deep into mould toxicity testing, its importance, and the process involved.

What is Mould Toxicity?

Mould toxicity refers to the adverse health effects that arise from prolonged exposure to certain types of moulds. These moulds release mycotoxins, which can become neurotoxic and affect various parts of the body. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and can often be mistaken for other health conditions, making it crucial to get tested if you suspect mould exposure.

Why is Testing Important?

Early Detection: Identifying mould toxicity at an early stage can prevent further complications. Accurate Diagnosis: It helps in distinguishing mould toxicity from other health conditions. Tailored Treatment: Knowing the specific type of mould ensures that the treatment is effective.

The Testing Process

The primary method for mould toxicity testing is through a urine sample. This sample is then analysed to detect the presence of mycotoxins, indicating mould exposure.

Steps Involved:

Sample Collection: The urine sample should ideally be taken first thing in the morning. Sending the Sample: While some countries have domestic testing facilities, many, like Australia, send samples abroad for a comprehensive analysis. Awaiting Results: The results typically take about 2-3 weeks after the sample is received. Interpreting the Results: The presence of specific mycotoxins can indicate the type of mould, aiding in tailored treatments.

Cost Implications

Testing for mould toxicity can be an investment in one’s health. On average, tests can range from 500 to 800 Australian dollars, depending on the comprehensiveness of the test.

Alternative Testing Methods

While the urine test is the most recommended, some healthcare professionals might suggest a blood serum test. However, it’s essential to note that top mould experts don’t typically mention this method. It’s always advisable to consult with a specialist to determine the best testing method for your situation.

Preparation for the Test

To ensure accurate results, certain precautions might be advised: Dietary Restrictions: Some doctors recommend avoiding foods like mushrooms a week or two before the test. Physical Activities: Activities like saunas or exercises might be suggested to stir up the toxins in the body.

Post-Testing: Treatment & Detox

Once the mould type is identified, treatment can be tailored accordingly. Different moulds and fungi react to various binders, making it essential to know the specific mould type.

Common Treatments:

Bentonite clay Charcoal Specific binders depending on the mould type

Detox Methods

Detoxification plays a crucial role in mould toxicity treatment. Some recommended methods include: Saunas: Helps in sweating out the toxins. Exercise: Aids in circulating the toxins for elimination. Dietary Changes: Certain foods can assist in detoxification.

Table: Mould Toxicity Testing at a Glance

Aspect Details Primary Test Urine Sample Duration 2-3 weeks for results Cost 500 to 800 Australian dollars Alternative Test Blood Serum Test Treatment Tailored based on mould type (e.g., Bentonite clay) Detox Methods Saunas, Exercise, Dietary Changes

Mould Testing – Results from Realtime Labs

Here are my results. Positive for Trichothecene and Gliotoxin mycotoxins. I have since started treatment on this, but I expect it to be a long road. If you have any questions in regards to mould testing in Australia, reach out to

Mould toxicity is a pressing health concern that requires timely detection and treatment. If you or someone you know is experiencing unexplained health issues, consider mould toxicity testing as a potential solution. With the right approach and treatment, one can combat the adverse effects of mould and lead a healthy life.

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  1. I had the exact same schizophrenia diagnosis as you mentioned. They still carry me as such at the VA physc ward. I requested a mycotoxin test & they didn’t even know what one was. And they still don’t. I found & took the ReslTime mycotoxin test, came up positive for Canedea & Aspergillus. They still don’t believe me that mold is repeatedly causing my mental problems. I can’t stay well because it’s everywhere in my area (homes, stores, the courthouse, nursing homes, etc). I spend about $300 a month on treatment & it’s not doing much good. Even though I run a dehumidifier & keep my humidity level between 40-50%, run 2 badass air purifier, use UVC & ozone to TRY and keep it killed off, when I go to town I get reinfected about everywhere except Walmart. The most stupid thing I have ever seen is the monthly mold test performed by the state for foodstuff facilities. They visually test the kitchen area & then I look around and see mold growing, usually on the ceiling, outside this boundary. Why a visual test is done is beyond me. The invisible mycotoxins are doing the damage & causing the harm. And, the only laws in Missouri are for rental homes. I got septic & almost died in a nursing home. I took the mycotoxin urine test & physically showed them the mold. They said the test wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. It was a VA nursing home that was the poster child for antibiotic over useage due to repeat illnesses over & over & over. I tried & tried to do something & to this day I hate myself for not being able to help the 200 plus veterans living, staying sick & even dying from mainly Canedea mold. You can see water spots from a leaky roof on the ceiling tiles & at night, due to inactivity in the building, I can tell that it’s up in the crawl space & is being drawn down thru the cracks & holes where the ceiling tiles arent fitting properly. Also, it comes up thru the plumbing drains in the sinks. I saw one vet have a heart attack after going in a scarcely used therapeutic swimming pool room for water therapy. I’ve seen several vets die because of the mold problem, but nobody believed me & the administrator use to yell at me trying to get me to leave the home. I use to leave the building about 8 am & sit in a park all day till curfew, 9 pm & return to spend the night. I’m the summer I’d go to the city swimming pool to take a “bleach bath” to remove the mycotoxins from my body. And I still was constantly sick, recurring yeast infections, legs would jerk of a night, etc & I even had a top of the line air purifier going 24/7. I didn’t do much good cause they wouldn’t let me keep my door shut & I was essentially trying to purify the whole giant facility. I checked with lawyers but none would take on the VA, but told me not to give up. It reminds me of the Camp Legume lawsuit going on. The outside of the facility was one massive mold colony. When storms would tear up the roof, they’d patch it but not clean up the water in the attic, which was the major cause of the massive mold problem. I had to get rid of over $10,000 worth on my possessions cause when I touched my stuff after leaving, I’d get very ill. I asked the state lab to test some of my stuff & they refused also. Said a moldy facility wasn’t illegal in Missouri. My immune system has been compromised & I’m constantly sick, can’t think straight & get to hallucinating from mold to wild, depending where I go when I go to town. I taught myself to recognize symptoms so I can get out of moldy places as quick as possible. Doing magic mushrooms in my youth played a key role in figuring out what mold can do to a person. It’s like you’re tripping but didn’t take anything. Also, the dispensary pot in Missouri causes me problems. There is no place for consumers to get suspected moldy pot tested either. It’s supposed to pass test prior to being sold, but I beg to differ with the results. When you smoke a joint, started feeling hallucinations instead of just being stoned, look in the mirror & your tounge is snow white, that kinda indicates Canedea or powdery white mildew to my eyes. I sure wish somebody would help all those vets there. I tried & did no good at all. That’s sad & should be illegal. Thank you for listening to my story & feel free to help these vets if you know how.

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