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Brandon Green is a rapper/Singer/Music Producer.

Welcome to the spot where I share my love for hip-hop, my journey with beatmaking, and my steps into the world of rapping. Kicking things off in my mid-30s, I’m here to show that it’s never too late to chase a dream, especially one filled with rhythm and rhymes.

Dropping Tracks and Teaming Up

I’ve already put out some tracks that I’m proud of. You’ll find songs like ‘Broke Farang’ and ‘Silly Simp’ right here, where I’ve put my heart into both the beats and the bars. Collaborating with artists like The Game was an eye-opener, pushing my music onto platforms like Spotify and beyond.

What’s Next in My Music Journey

As you take a listen to my tracks, you’re joining me on a journey of growth and discovery. Each beat, lyric, and song is a step in my evolution as an artist. I’m curious to see how my music resonates and connects with listeners.

Let’s Make Music Together

Feel free to dive into my tracks, leave your thoughts, or hit me up if you’re keen on a collaboration. This is more than just a page; it’s a starting point for creative connections and musical explorations.

Looking Forward with Hope and Curiosity

As I stand at this crossroad, ready to release an album and grow as an artist, I often ponder my potential. Can I continue to expand my listener base, even with my current level of talent in beatmaking, producing, and rapping?

These are also some hip-hop beats that I’ve made as a beatmaker.

You can check out some of Brandon’s Music below:

Brandon Green – Broke Farang

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