My experience With the IQoro – Review of a snorer with a Hiatal Hernia

I have had the IQoro for over a year now. I want to share my story and experience of training with the IQoro because of my Hiatal Hernia, Acid Reflux, and snoring.

 My review of the IQoro Hiatal Hernia Device

I have had a hiatal hernia for a few years now. It suddenly got so bad and so much worse when I contracted a bad case of Helicobacter Pylori in 2018. It took over 12 doctors, three months to get on top of and give me a diagnosis other than just asthma. (well, actually it was me who demanded a helicobacter pylori stool test.)

A lot of people have complained of having a very bad hiatal hernia after having a helicobacter pylori infection of the stomach. As a result, many people who are using the IQoro training device had a hiatal hernia because of an h-pylori infection which exacerbated their hiatal hernia.

After trying every PPI on the market in order to control my acid reflux and try to get my hiatal hernia symptoms under control, I found the IQoro Neuromuscular training device. I have found the IQoro to be very useful.

What is the Iqoro Neuromuscular Training device?

To the layman, the Iqoro Training divorce is there a piece of plastic that looks somewhat similar to a mouthguard, with a piece of plastic attached to it. The Iqoro looks like it would be worth $5. When you look at the Iqoro, you can’t help but think to you yourself, ‘how the hell can this thing do anything?!’, it  just looks like a cheap piece of plastic!”

Why is the IQoro so expensive?

why is the iqoro sol expensive?
The Iqoro is expensive but definitely worth it!

However, the IQoro training device is anything but cheap. The IQoro is actually very expensive. This is because of how many years of research have gone into developing the IQoro, not just how much the device costs to make.

Is the IQoro worth it?

Yes! if you have been on PPIs, tried many things, and still have a hiatal hernia giving you grief, or even sleep apnea coming into play, you definitely need to consider an IQoro. The IQoro is a treatment for a whole range of issues and symptoms. I will list some of them below.

  • Snorers
  • Coughing
  • Acid Reflux
  • Moderate Sleep Apnea
  • Globus Sensation (feels like something stuck in the throat)
  • Accumulated Phlegm
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Feeling of Heartburn
  • Flatulence
  • Hiatal Hernia

If you have any of these conditions that the IQoro has been proven to help with, the IQoro is definitely something that you should buy or at least consider.

The IQoro has been known to pull the Hiatal Hernia back into position without surgery! leaving the Hiatal Hernia sufferer feeling relieved and cured of their hiatal hernia – All because of a ‘little piece of plastic’

If you get long-lasting relief from your symptoms, you will no longer think that the IQoro is an expensive piece of plastic. You’ll actually consider it to be a lifesaver and life-changer.

How do you use the IQoro?

Many people are asking, “How do you use the IQoro?” when they first get the device in the mail. They often think that they aren’t doing it right or correctly as it’s just too simple to use. However, that truly is the beauty of the device.

Many people have no idea how to us the IQoro when they first get it. Below are my instructions that work perfectly with me. Remember to reach out to IQoro’s customer support if you want some assistance. IQoro are really helpful.

Instructions on how to train with the IQoro device

  1. Put the IQoro in your mouth, wrap your lips around the IQoro.
  2. Make sure you pull the IQoro slowly, softly, but also firmly
  3. You should feel a vacuum in your mouth
  4. Hold this motion, pulling out for 10 seconds
  5. The action is all in the lips – make sure you are wrapping your lips around as firmly as possible
  6. Relax your mouth and body in-between ‘pulls’
  7. Repeat this 3 times, 3 times daily

Here is a video I uploaded on YouTube to show everyone how I use the IQoro. Please take note of how I use the device as I have made improvements to my symptoms by using the IQoro in this manner.

This is an explanation video of how I use the IQoro to heal my Hiatal Hernia and improve my snoring, and Sleep Apnea.

What are the benefits of the IQoro?

If the IQoro enables you to live just how you used to, that would be fantastic. Imagine being able to drink alcohol, beer, wine, or soft drink again. Smoke cigarettes and even drink coffee again with no acid reflux repeatedly rearing its ugly head. Doesn’t that sound like it’s well worth it, and a fantastic benefit? the IQoro has a whole list of benefits and can literally give you your old life back!

What are the Side-effects of using the IQoro?

One of the best things about the IQoro device is the lack of side effects from daily usage of the device. Unlike PPI’s and H2 Antagonist’s the IQoro is remarkably safe.

The few side effects I have personally gotten, have been:

  • Sore neck (I was pulling way too hard – I sprained it for a couple of weeks)
  • Sore mouth – Biting too hard down on it
  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation (this causes a whole host of issues but not serious – listed below)
  • Faster heart rate
  • Heart palpitations
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety

How long does the IQoro take to work?

The IQoro can take up to one year to work or even longer, and that’s just in terms of the hiatal-hernia symptoms being resolved.

Some people such as myself have experienced resolution of hiatal-hernia symptoms within one month of using the Iqoro Device. Whereas all the users of the IQoro haven’t been as lucky, but have still seen their symptoms improve over the 12-month mark. Some people have even found evidence from the Gastroenterologist during an endoscopy procedure that their Hiatal hernia has in fact disappeared and the stomach has correctly moved back into position.

How does the IQoro training device work?

The IQoro training device works in a few different ways – also, this is mainly because it treats so many problems. The IQoro can be the treatment and even cure for many different medical issues.

The Iqoro is proven by studies and medical imaging to strengthen many internal muscles and nerves that become weak as our body over time no longer functions in the manner it should.

Time causes dysfunction, and dysfunction causes severe symptoms that patients begin to have. The IQoro then comes to the rescue and gets the nerves and muscles firing again, as they should, and as they once did. Now you may understand why the IQoro is not considered a ‘quick-fix’, but if you are patient, you can still consider it to work miracles!

Body parts the IQoro strengthens and nerves regenerated include:

  • Face
  • Oral Cavity
  • Pharynx
  • Oesophagus
  • Diaphragm


I would give the IQORO review a 9.5/10. With the lack of serious side effects, the effectiveness of it the IQoro is fantastic. If only it was a bit more affordable, and available to Australians properly, rather than buying from some Scalper in the UK on eBay, I’d give it a 10!

Thanks for reading my IQoro review. I look forward to adding to it as I keep using it longer and longer.

Hopefully one day I am confident to use it less, but still on a ‘Maintenance level’.

13 thoughts on “ My experience With the IQoro – Review of a snorer with a Hiatal Hernia”

  1. Very interesting and thanks for sharing. I read somewhere (I think it was on iqoro’s own website) that the device and the pulling movement creates a vacuum in the mouth and that is what exercises the diaphragm. But keeping the lips tightly shut without the device and merely firmly pulling the cheeks out between fingers and thumbs creates a vacuum. It would save a lot of money!

  2. Are you still using it daily?
    I wonder why these internal muscles got weaker for us…
    From childhood I got used to eating and drinking to help food move down…maybe this has contributed to the muscles becoming so weak?

    1. no idea. but yes they work. I got H Pylori and that’s when all my Hiatal hernia problems began.

      My wife also was displaying hiatal hernia symptoms after pregnancy, coughing non-stop for months, I had a spare IQORO, and she tried it, reluctantly. Within a week she was also cured and was amazed by it. Anyone who uses it and gets prompt fixing from the expensive piece of plastic is just in awe of it! haha.

  3. Hi Brandon- Did your heart rate, palpitations , anxiety and nausea go away? How long did you use it for and do you still use it? I can’t get in US. How did you get yours?

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience..ever since I started Iqoro and it has increased my reflux pain while still on medication..i was told by customer service to continue to use it and just not to pull too hard… it’s been almost 9 months now and still no this normal?

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