digital nomad living in Chania Crete Greece

My stay in Chania, Crete, Greek Island as a Digital Nomad with a family

Being a Digital Nomad staying in Chania on the Greek Island of Crete has been fantastic!

After having traveled for many years as a single guy, my wife got pregnant at the end of 2019. 2020 rolled around the corner and I didn’t care much for the lockdowns (at first) because I knew with a baby around the corner, my passport was getting a well-earned rest for a little while. I’m happy to again be a Digital Nomad in 2022 and beyond.

My trip to Greece was well overdue. I loved it when I first visited Greece in 2018 as a Princess Cruises customer.

Where to eat in Chania, Crete as a Vegan / Vegetarian?

The best places to eat as a Vegan or Vegetarian in Chania are the traditional Greek Restaurants. The best meal to order is the ‘Stuffed Tomatoes/ Stuffed Peppers’

This is the best food for Vegetarians and Vegans in Chania – Find yourself a good Traditional Greek restaurant, and get in quick, because these are popular and often sell out!

For those of you that know my story, I’m more of a Vegetarian than a Vegan, meaning I don’t mind a bit of Cheese and Yoghurt, but still try to avoid it. My reason is medical, I have PKU.

Chania City can be a bit frustrating when it comes to eating as a lot of the places are bakeries. Deadset, the place loves bakeries and Crossaints, and pretzel-looking things! I get sick of them, actually, I had a honey-looking Pretzel-looking thing one morning – It was actually quite scrumptious!

Best places to work as a Digital Nomad in Chania

Chania is blessed to have a Coworking Digital Nomad establishment in the city. The internet is fast, the desks, and chairs are fantastic, and the rooms are perfect. It’s everything you need, and you just might need to go in there, as everything I just described it’s great for, is pretty hard to find ‘great’ anywhere else in Chania except in Workhub.

If a Coworking place is not your thing, or you prefer to work at an existing Cafe, I will recommend 2 places.

  • Battlenet 3D Chania – This place is awesome. It is open 24/7 and there is a Cafe downstairs, where you can order the basics and use the internet. The speed was only 1/5, but when I enquired the day earlier, another guy working there said I could connect to 10/100 – I didn’t bother asking the staff on the day I actually visited how to connect to the faster speed, but perhaps you could enquire.
  • Blend Cafe – This is a big Cafe that is open early in the morning from 6 am, and closes at 9 pm! They pride themselves on serving the best coffee in Chania. There is so much space in there that they do not mind if you sit, chill and do a bit of work there for a few hours at a time. The internet speed is adequate
Battlenet 3d – plenty of tables to do some work at!
Battlenet 3d – Internet Cafe
Blend Cafe – Open early at 6 am

This is where you can drink the best coffee in Chania!
You could meet like-minded Digital Nomads in this Cafe for sure!

Internet speed in Chania, Crete

The internet speed in Chania is not good. Generally, you will find very slow internet. The Airbnb’s I stayed at had a speed of .8/15 – Not a bad download speed. However, it is hard to get a decent upload speed. Making Zoom calls and Video Conferences will be a big problem, especially when you’re a superstar podcaster like I am.

This is my internet speed in an apartment I stayed at in Chania. You will likely have to venture out from your hotel room or Airbnb apartment to find decent internet somewhere in Chania. Workhub is your best option for this.

I have heard of Digital Nomads who live in Greece for a long period of time buying 4g Hotspot plans. They carry the Wifi hotspots around with them and get a faster speed than a Wi-Fi connection.

Traveling from Chania to Heraklion on a bus

After our stay in Chania, we took all our luggage by foot, from our AirBnb to the Chania bus station. It was deadset only like 200 feet away.
we went on the night bus, leaving at 7pm and arriving in Heraklion 3 hours later. This is where we then caught a Taxi to our accommodation for the week, Village Heights Golf Resort in Hersonissos

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