Real Life Truman Show – Rabbi Rothschild (VIRALRABBI) is filming his entire life like Big Brother

real life truman show

In this episode of the Let’s go Brandon Green podcast, we meet a guy who is making himself the Real Life Truman Show. He is a fascinating character, VIRAL RABBI is what he calls himself.

When he appeared as a guest on the podcast he told me that he has been filming himself for over 450 days straight – A Guinness world record. That’s incredible.

real life truman show - Viralrabbi

Viral Rabbi tries to have at least 6 streams going on, filming him, at all times, trying to create the ultimate real-life Truman Show experience. He loves the fact that he is the most filmed person on the planet.

He plans to one day be the most studied human being on the planet. His data will be used as research in studies of human behavior in years to come.

This data will be a valuable commodity Rabbi Rothschild says.

Living as a real life Truman Show character will inevitably make me the most famous person in the world. When this happens, I will become a Trillionaire.


REAL LIFE TRUMAN SHOW – On the air, but not unaware

Viral Rabbi has had a few issues with his IP saying that they’ve been alerted to his unique ultra-high internet usage. He doesn’t have the fastest internet connection in the world, but he sure doesn’t let that stop him from mouthing all the bandwidth he can. He’s since had to drop off the number of cameras filming him so that he has a more reliable and stable connection.

His favorite camera that he uses are Chromebooks. He says that they are cheap to acquire, and incredibly reliable.

Filming himself everywhere just like in The Truman Show

VIRALRABBI says he tries to film himself everywhere and anywhere. In his bedroom, he has dozens of cameras set up. However, when he travels to the shops or gets in his car, the filming doesn’t stop. He is filmed everywhere he goes.

In his car, he has cameras installed in it, streaming live, and when he gets out of his car, he films himself with a selfie stick usually.

I asked him if he suffered from any mental health issues, but he said he doesn’t. He’s just a really interesting and fascinating human with a positive mindset that we can all watch live, anytime and anywhere.

Where you can watch the real-life Truman Show guy, Viral Rabbi:

Also on Youtube, you can search #viralrabbi in YouTube Live Filter to see all of his 69+ Channels. – This Website has all his Social Media and streaming accounts – You can also visit his website.

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