Ricardo Kok – Meet the Droomexpert – Helping young people live their dreams

Ricardo Kok drops into the studio today. He introduces himself as the Dream Expert, or in Dutch, the Droomexpert, as his business is named.

He helps people, well young adults who are aged between 16 to 25, to be god-like creatures in the world. He pries into their soul and finds out what really excites them, or did when they were younger and tries to keep that same excitement and enjoyment going into a professional space in life where they can maintain that fun while making a living along the way. As they say, ‘If you spend all day doing what you love, you never work a day in your life!’ Ricardo Kok’s whole business is built around this very same sentiment.

I did some prying of my own. It turns out his politeness and remarkable charm are a result of attending the Church his whole life. He is a devoted churchgoer and has traveled with his dealings and learnings of The Hillsong Church. The fantastically calm and inspiring guy has also even been down under. Ricardo has traveled the world extensively.

Throughout the episode with Ricardo Kok we talked about:

  • How to help 16 to 25-year-olds live their dream
  • People who go to church are not perfect
  • Why being a leader makes an individual so responsible
  • Society teaches us to value money over happiness
  • One door closes, but other doors are always open
  • System of Success book Discount code

What do my life and mindset have in common with a religious guy who spends his time as a motivational speaker and a helper of the youth of this world? It turns out a fair bit. We both are fortunate enough to have been born with a positive mindset. He understands life isn’t all about manifestation, but action. He also recognizes to be quick at looking and knowing how to deal with doors that are presented in front of us during life.

During the 45-minute talk, I found myself agreeing with what Ricardo had to say for much of it. He is a confident and happy man, and I can just tell he wants others around him to share that same passion and enthusiasm he has for life with everyone around him. He certainly is not a KokHead!

God bless the guy, I say!

Brandon Green

If you would like to make contact with Ricardo further, here are his contact details:




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