Segway Ninebot F2 Pro Review – Awesome

SEGWAY Ninebot F2 Pro Review – I bought one!

Hi All, Brandon Green here, and letting the world know that I am so impressed with my new Electric Scooter that I thought I’d write a Segway Ninebot F2 Pro review on my experience with testing, riding, and owning it so far. Hint, I love my Segway Ninebot F2 Pro so far!

The last Electric scooter I bought was some $ 1,000 dual wheel, 2wd piece of absolute puss that broke within a week off eBay back in 2020. Absolute cheap Chinese crap. This new one impresses me.

Here I am, proud as punch with my new EV! 25Kmph max speed makes me nearly feel like I’m Riding with Biden though!

What is the Segway Ninebot F2 Pro?

All I knew about the Ninebot F2 Pro, was that the electric scooter I was purchasing, was going to be around the $ 1,000 AUD mark. That’s what I intended to spend, and whatever I could get with the most bang for my buck at the $ 1,000 price point was going to be my new electric scooter, It just so happened to be the Segway Ninebot F2 Pro.

My first ride, and the first time I’ve written

Segway Ninebot F2 Pro Review – Features and Specifications

  • claimed range of 55km – But I reckon only 25-35klms, maybe it was the few hills I went up and had it in Sports mode the whole time.
  • 10″ pneumatic tubeless tyres – Some special technology that eliminates flat tyres.
  • Rear electronic brake and front disc brake – At the same time
  • Goes up hills well, up to 22% inclination.
  • Rear-wheel drive – The electric motor is rated at 900W power.
  • Traction control – Anti-Skid
  • Front and rear lights for safety, blinkers to indicate what way you are turning.
  • suspension is a hidden front-coil system.
  • High-decibel horn somehow works as a proclaimed anti-theft device, but need to keep reading just how that function works.
  • Maximum Rider Weight – I’m 95kgs, and I fly on it, quite easily. Claimed up to 110kg rider weight.

Official Specs from Segway below:

Segway Ninebot F2 Pro Review -specifications

Is the Ninebot F2 Pro electric scooter worth it?

Yes, for me definitely. I currently have no car, yet I was travelling around the city to the tune of up to $50 daily spent on Uber. With the Ninebot F2 Pro, I have managed to get my UBER trips down to only rainy days!

Most other Authors who write a Segway Ninebot F2 Pro Review will definitely agree that the F2 Pro electric scooter is an excellent money-saver! If you have solar panels, use them to charge it during the day, and it’s actually free!

How easy is the Segway Ninebot F2 Pro to set up and ride?

Extremely easy, even I did it and my brain is fried from mold toxicity!
I opened the box, took it out, put it on the charge for 2 hours, and it was at 93%.
Screwed the handlebars in. It comes with 2 Allen keys that need to be screwed in, and the screwdriver for it, so don’t worry, a toddler could do it!

The team at 99bikes were really good too, I got a small discount for being a great customer, a reward for being ‘extra patient’, she said. After all, I am a model citizen.

I paid for the Electric Scooter using my AMEX CARD, getting a further saving of $150!

Once I did that, I downloaded the Segway Ninebot APP, connected the Scooter to my phone via Bluetooth and I was off and racing! The tyres are pumped up and everything, and the charger is no different in size to your laptop charger – Segway even hooks you up with other country AC cables, for your travels. Electric Scooters are definitely the latest trend with Digital Nomads!

My first ride with the Segway Ninebot F2 Pro Review is 5 Stars!

My first trip was this morning, raced out the door with the 93% charge, as I wanted to go to sleep. The User’s manual said it’s best to not leave the charger on overnight, plus the chemical off-gassing from the Scooter was killing me ( I suffer from M.C.S), so I had to leave it outside. I got myself a Bike lock for it too, fits through the frame which is great, I don’t need to feed the lock like a snake through the front wheel.

I went from Perth City all the way to Subiaco, went for an Infrared sauna, then back home via McDonalds for a Large Oat Milk Cappucino with 2x McDonald’s Monopoly plays stuck to the side of the Frothy, won nothing but bought it using my 2500 Mcdonalds points I had saved up! Score.

What a great day, Caffeinated and belting through the streets of Perth, waving at the former Premier, Mark McGowan’s Soldiers (the boys in Blue) without a helmet, but proudly wearing my RED MAGA HAT! All in all a great day, and I hope you enjoyed reading my Segway Ninebot F2 Pro review, as much as I enjoy riding the dog!

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