Singapore Airlines Brisbane to Singapore – Flight 26 – SQ246 Review

This is the first flight I had been on in 2.5 years. How exciting is it to be on a flight from Brisbane to Singapore, on Singapore Airlines (SQ 246), and in Business class?

Because I had so many KrisFlyer points accumulated with Singapore Airlines due to my Amex Platinum Card’s heavy usage, I was fortunate enough to have grown my business during Covid times in Australia. The lockdown was kind to some who saw holes in the market and were able to capitalize on the situation. Many successful Digital Nomads like myself had stored up millions of points and couldn’t use them

How did I use Amex Frequent Flyer points to book the flight from Brisbane to Singapore?

I am fortunate enough to have an American Express credit card (click here to read my AMEX Business Platinum credit card review, or to get your own).

With AMEX Membership Reward points, you need to log in to AMEX’s website and convert them to KrisFlyer points. KrisFlyer is Singapore Airlines Frequent Flyer program.

The problem is a lot of other people have also accumulated a great deal of Amex Membership Rewards points to fly business-class from Brisbane to Singapore, and even beyond, with Singapore Airlines. This meant that whilst I could get myself a Business Class seat, the same could not be said for my wife and baby. They were up the back in Cattle Class.

I had the privilege of sleeping laying flat during transit from Brisbane to Singapore. My wife and baby not so much. The flight was 90% full. She was fortunate enough to have been given a row to herself. The Singapore Airlines staff in Brisbane were excellent for arranging this, as it definitely helped our 20-month-old son get to sleep nice and easy.

The plane – Singapore Airlines 246 – Airbus A359 

The plane that flies on the route, flight SIA246 / SQ246 is a brand new Airbus A359.

Business Class – Flight SQ 246 – Brisbane to Singapore

The highest class on this plane and route SQ246 is Business-Class. There is no First-Class seats on this plane and route. I believe only Sydney has the First-Class seats (cabins) to Singapore.

Not that First-Class is needed. Being in Business-class made the flight very comfortable. When business class passengers are ready, they call the trolley-dollies to come over and make their bed for them.

Economy Class – Flight SQ246

The flight is a ‘red-eye’ flight, meaning everyone is tired as hell when they get on it, and by the time they get off, their bodies are so fatigued, that everyone’s eyes are red. It leaves Brisbane at 11:45 pm and arrives in Singapore at 6 am

The flight is made to be as comfortable as possible. It needs to be as it effectively operates as a flying motel for the night. The seats are quite large, food and alcohol are supplied, and you can recline while you have a blanket draped over the top of you.

This flight was a lot better than Singapore Airlines’ other Airline, stark contrast rather. That flight was our connecting flight from Singapore to Athens on the flight, Scoot TR 722  . After arriving in Athens on this flight from Singapore, Scoot had lost my wife’s bag, along with all our baby’s clothes and possessions needed for a baby, for 5 long days! Scoot doesn’t have to pay any compensation, and the AMEX complimentary insurance policy is next to useless in this type of scenario.

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