Singapore to Athens – Scoot Flight TR 722

This is a popular flight as it’s the cheapest flight from Singapore to Athens, Greece. It’s very popular for Australians too, as it is included in the route that flies Scoot passengers from the Gold Coast (OOL) to Athens. The Scoot flight I am talking about here is the Scoot Flight TR 722 which departs Singapore and lands in Athens.

However, after doing this flight, for the second time in my life now, and this time, so soon after a decent airline flight, an airline known and recognized the world over for quality, Singapore airlines.

What was so bad about the Singapore to Athens flight?

The seat is horrendous. Especially for such a long-haul red-eye flight. But get this, there are 3 seats up the back of the plane that does not recline. Not even one little bit. I mean, DO NOT RECLINE AT ALL!

So here we are sitting in the end row, trying to sleep, with a screaming baby, and the only people on the plane who cannot recline our seats.

I went for a wander up the front of the plane to find a vacant seat. I sat down and was ordered to pay extra in the ‘Quiet-zone’  -which was well worth it, I thought. I highly recommend it.

But when I was asked to pay, I was asked to produce money for payment. I whipped out my AMEX credit card and she saw it, and said “no card!”
ha, another massive business that doesn’t accept AMEX credit cards I thought to myself. So I grabbed my MasterCard and flashed it at her.

“No Cards sir – Cash only!”


“Singapore dollars only!”

‘What a mutt’, I thought. I’m only here because it’s impossible to sit in my seat. I’m 6 foot 2 in a seat that doesn’t even recline.

Scoot flight attendants are terrible, but they know it, and love it!

“Everyone else gets a reclining seat on the plane, except for my family!”
She didn’t want to agree with me at first, but after pushing the issue, she talked to ‘her boss’ whoever that was, and he said I can’t sit there but to another seat in Economy somewhere. Thanks, Captain!

Anyway, bring a Jumper, sweater, and Blanket because it gets FREEZING COLD!

So cold it was impossible to sleep!

I couldn’t buy a blanket, although I would have loved to, because ‘CASH ONLY!’

Landing in Athens

After landing, everything appeared to be all good.. Customs in Athens was a breeze. They didn’t even ask to see the return ticket. Or a ticket leaving Athens.

We went off to collect our bags at baggage claim. I picked mine up, but we waited and waited for my wives… until, it never came. They had lost her bag.

Weird how my bag went on, made the trip from Singapore to Athens, and hers didn’t. Especially since they were both processed at the same time.

Anyway 5 days it took for Scoot to send it to our motel in Athens. 5 days is a long time if you are on holiday for only a week or 10 days. Luckily we weren’t on the move from that motel for the first week. Otherwise, things could have been disastrous. Scoot doesn’t pay any compensation unless the bag has been lost for 30 days!

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