Solar panels payment plan Sydney – Robbie of Kenny Solar

In today’s podcast, we talk to Robbie of Kenny Solar telling us all about solar panels payment plans available in Sydney. We also discuss the solar energy revolution.

Robbie is the Director of the local solar company in Sydney, and as I’ve done some work in the solar industry, I could relate to and understand a lot of what we talked about. However, I often forget that the listeners might not know they can purchase a solar system with the assistance of a finance provider that enables the customer to enter into a solar panel payment plan.

Solar Panels in Sydney helping anyone who has an electricity bill

With energy increasing prices increasing at record rates, we decided to go into detail on some key ways to save the average household money.

The key points touched on were the benefits of $0 solar, no out-of-pocket expense solar, and why people are now opting not to pay cash for their new systems when they have the ability to pay for solar with the money they save on their bills by installing solar.

Kenny Solar is offering $0 Deposit Solar Systems to customers in Sydney

That’s right customers can pay solar off with a $0 deposit, and furthering the money saved on their power bills.

We briefly touched on batteries and the problems the market faces with constantly evolving technology, the reasons why a lot of solar companies are choosing not to install solar batteries, while there’s still a government rebate. Believe it or not, energy retailers also pay the consumer for the excess energy created from solar panels.

As we come into summer be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Kenny Solar, and other solar panel retailers in Sydney offering $0 deposit solar packages over 3,4,5,6 & year repayment plans.

These solar payment plans are financed through companies like HUMM, Brighte, and Plenti. Why pay for power when you can go Solar and generate your own?

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