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Sunscreen Pills – An incredible alternative to Suncream?

Sunscreen pills or more precisely Antioxidant pills are seen as more of a supplement that complements Suncream rather than just a straight-out replacement for sunscreen. There are a few different types, but Polypodium Leucotomos extract has the most scientific evidence to support the increasing demand and popularity of the sunscreen pill.

Oral Photoprotection has been overlooked for years. Many people do not even know that you can get sunscreen pills. The good news is that there are quite a few to try, you don’t have just to limit your sun protection to just sunscreen.

Some sunscreen has been known to be harmful to people, while other newer types of sunscreen have proven to have an incredible result with people, like me who are insensitive to the sun protection

What are suncream pills?

Sunscreen pills are oral capsules like any other pill that you swallow and take internally to do its job.

Because there are a few different types of ‘sunscreen pills’ on the market, they each do the job differently, but with the same intentions, helping the consumer avoid the harmful effects of UV Radiation and skin protection.

What types of Sunscreen pills are there?

I have compiled a list of sunscreen pills, including many that I have personally used myself because of the strange light-allergy symptoms I have been experiencing over the last 2 years. I have a ‘working diagnosis’ of ‘EPP Porphyria’ – but if it is that, it’s definitely not showing clear EPP Porphyria indications.

I have found that these do little for my condition when I’m in a flare, as it’s more of a ‘light’ issue than the sun or ‘UV’. However, my condition has since opened my eyes up to the world of sunscreen pills and in particular, Polypodium Leucotomos.

The Heliocare 360 pills can be purchased online in Australia, in Brisbane.

This is a list of supplements that are sold as sunscreen pills:

Can you buy Polypodium sunscreen pills in Australia?

Yes, although sunscreen pills are rare at the moment, and hardly talked about or known about in Australia.

This is Heliocare, Polypodium extract capsules that I have been using.

There are now a few Dermatologists and skin care retailers stocking Polypodium sunscreen pills.

Are sunscreen pills safe?

Many sunscreen pills are old supplements that have been known about and have been readily available for years, often as remedies and treatments for other conditions.

Therefore sunscreen pills have a great safety profile. Polypodium pills are also believed to be safe for long-term usage, but the price dictates that most will use them only when the consumer plans on going out in the sun, or in Summer rather than winter.

I believe oral photoprotection will catch on in Australia, as it has in South Africa, Europe, and the U.S. It is only a matter of time. As Australia experiences some of the highest UV levels in the world, it is bizarre that Australia isn’t a pioneer in the field of sunscreen pills.

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