TA-1 Peptide for Long Covid

I believe I was infected with Covid-19 in March 2020. It has left me with a light intolerance issue, related to histamine intolerance and MCAS. I am using the TA-1 Peptide for Long Covid and it appears to be what is helping me.

I first played around with peptides as a 21-year-old, way back in 2009. My friends and I all got on Melanotan 2 for a bit of fun one summer. The stuff left us way too black, increased our freckle amount, and darkened our existing moles and freckles. A few mates also enjoyed the rock-hard boners that they got as a side-effect also. We never used MT-2 again.

A few years later I was going to the gym quite a bit and started using IGF1-LR3, around the same time Paul Gallen was breaking all types of records on the footy field. I loved it for the same reason. But I didn’t want to keep using it, so I stopped that too. These experiences left me impressed with what peptides could do, and was always interested in keeping an eye on their developments in the news and media.

A few months after my Covid infection, I started getting intolerant to light. this still persists and is so bad today that I need to live in a dark room all day, or I get burnt with my skin marking up, and even feel a stinging pain leaving my room to go to the toilet and back… Unbelievable sounding, but it’s real.

in 2022, Doctors thought that it could be EPP, yet my blood tests suggest otherwise, anyway the treatment for that is a peptide called Scenesse, also known as Afamelanotide, or Melanotan-1.

Because Melanotan-2 works very similarly to MT-1 and I had experience with it, I thought that I’d give it a go… I did for around a month and the results weren’t great. I had to throw it out as I was traveling to another country (living as a Digital Nomad), and didn’t want to make a scene in the U.A.E with a peptide vial that could so easily be replaced.

Getting on the TA-1 to treat Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

A month later I’m in Bangkok, and I knew about doctors in Thailand prescribing Peptides. (They do in Australia too – Australia’s worst-kept secret) I rang up a Peptide Clinic in Bangkok and asked what they had.

The Peptide clinic sent me a list of around a dozen that they kept in stock. I was relieved to see the peptide TA-1 (Thymosin alpha 1) on the list. I thought that I’d give Melanotan-2 a go again, and also this TA-1 to regulate the immune system. It doesn’t suppress the immune system like other biologic drugs. TA-1 modulates the immune system to make it work more efficiently.

I have a tattoo on my right shoulder and arm. I got this in 2012, in Phuket, Thailand. My Tattoo has red ink in it. I started to get pains in the region where the red ink is in my tattoo at night, particularly during the histamine dump hours. From around 11 pm to 7 am I’d feel my right-arm burning up a storm.

Did TA-1 work for Long Covid?

I believe it did. Within a week, of dosing this peptide at 500mcg a day (there’s no real written dosage using Thymosin alpha 1 for Long Covid, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, or Histamine Intolerance. The doctor wrote the standard 1.6mg x twice a week on the pack that got sent via an Uber to my motel room. However, I wanted to start with a lower dose, and a more consistent dose, and ramp up from there if needed.

Within a week my Tattoo had stopped burning, and within 2 weeks I could tolerate more light. My week 4 my stool had returned to a lovely bulky, heavy fat stool, and the skin on my forehead had improved to be slick and smooth. Until this I had no idea my skin had changed during this Long Covid ordeal. I was also well and truly out back in the light. Not completely healed at all, but able to drive an hour into town and back, whereas just a month earlier I couldn’t even eat breakfast at a cafe, at the motel I was staying in without my phototoxic skin being burnt to smithereens. The burning was still there, it might be there forever.

Was it the TA-1? Was it the Melanotan 2? Did they both have a synergistic effect on each other?

Was it the Fish oil that I began using at the same time? Or could it have been the Pomegranate juice I was guzzling down during my last week in Thailand? Who knows?

As these peptides cross the Blood Brain Barrier, and my seizure that stopped this crap all in its tracks 12 months prior, before it slowly crept in again, made me think that it could also have been having a positive effect by making the brain do, what it should be doing again.

Could Long Covid be Tension myositis syndrome?

Many Professionals are also starting to take note and think like this. For this reason, I also started LDN, but found the gastro issues as a side effect unbearable to endure. A rarely known medical issue is called TMS. A lot of people are noticing many similarities between symptoms of Tension myositis syndrome, other neurological issues, and their long-covid diagnosis.

Could TA-1 or other peptides work on T.M.S, we wait as more data is collected, and sadly most of it is anecdotal.

but I’m trying these two peptides again, simultaneously. I began to get photosensitive again badly within a couple of weeks of stopping.

I got so burnt at this time, that I developed my 2nd Actinic Keratoses within 24 hours as a result of the sun exposure. Doctors suggest this is impossible, and not at all likely. However, I felt them both develop.. on my nose. My nose stung for a week after these acute events. I remind them that what is going on with me is no way at all typical and they need to throw their book out when trying to put a label on what is going on with me.

Trying the TA-1 for Long Covid and M.C.A.S again

I am just about to begin another round of this stuff (different brand and supplier to the Thailand-sourced TA-1 peptide) I hope it works the same, if it was the TA-1 that even worked in the first place.

Since using TA-1, I have found a few rare reports of people using the TA-1 peptide to control people’s Long-Haul Covid, MCAS, or histamine intolerance issues. Anecdotal data suggests it works well in other people for Long-Covid also.
Let’s hope I haven’t done any permanent damage to my body this time, as it’s the worst I’ve ever been in relation to my photosensitivity, and the TA-1 and Melanotan 2 peptide combination heals me once more!

January 2024 update

I am back out in the sun, nearly perfect, still feel it a bit but can stay out for ages, have windows open. A true Christmas miracle. What really helped me this time was 25+ saunas, and adding Vitamin b3, the Niacin flush. I now wholeheartedly believe that most Long Covid is from a toxic body. Cytokine storm smoking biofilm everywhere, and resulting in the body being attacked by every nasty underlying thing in your body, virus/parasites/bacteria that was being suppressed by your well-functioning immune system.

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