Think Like a Scientist – David Pakman’s Children book

David Pakman’s recently released Children’s book has the same title as my children’s book, ‘Think Like a Scientist’. This is the sequel to his initial release, titled ‘Think Like a Detective: A Kid’s Guide to Critical Thinking

But there is a lot of controversy around David Pakman stealing the idea of his new children’s book from a guest he had on the show, back in 2017!

David Pakman released his first book, ‘Think Like a Detective’ in July, it has now sold around 15,000 copies, so David says.

He has put a decent price on it too. Which is fantastic for his bank balance. It’s such a brilliant idea that even I thought I’d give it a go at writing another Children’s book.

Click here to read about the new Children’s book, “THINK LIKE A SCIENTIST”

David Pakman – ‘Think Like a Scientist’ children’s book review

Just like anything David Pakman talks and writes about, there is not much more substance to his offerings, compared to what CNN and MSNBC bring. David is the Sheppard to his flock of sheep, the sheep being his fans.

He relies on CNN and MSNBC to light the fire within these hateful lefty hearts every morning, then David Pakman jumps in front of the camera to film The David Pakman show each and every afternoon to stoke the flames, and carry this crazy flock of sheep into the next morning where the cycle is repeated all over again. David cashing in along the way.

David has recently had a child, like myself, so it is quite understandable that we both have an interest in writing children books. The only thing though, is the fact he took it upon himself to Write Donald Trump into the first children’s book. Hardly surprising given how much of a leftist this nut is, but after seeing how well his first children’s book did, he knew he had to follow up with a sequel to ‘Think Like a Detective’ and call the next one Think Like a Scientist.

However, the funniest part about reviewing the first book was the fact that it should really be titled, Think Like a Sheep!
Perhaps I’ll write that one. I’ll explain it, dumbing it all the way down, so that even a 6-year-old can understand just how much David Pakman has taken his first children’s books fanbase for an absolute ride – Maybe then they’ll understand?

The sequel authored by David Pakman, ‘Think Like a Scientist’ reviews very poorly over here on the Lets Go Brandon Green Podcast. Unfortunately, Think Like a Scientist has many poor reviews by many Republican buyers. But you’d expect this to be the case.

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