think like a scientist childrens book about chronic illness and gaslighting

Think Like a Scientist – Children’s Book

Think Like a Scientist: A Children’s Book about Chronic Illness and Gaslighting

Think Like A Scientist is a children’s book about chronic illness. I wrote this book one night as I began feeling better and having enough energy to do so.

You can read Think Like a Scientist for free at the bottom of this page.

Children’s book about Chronic Illness – True Story

This children’s storybook, “Think Like a Scientist”, is based on a true story, my true story, about how I developed Long Covid which gave me extreme and rare symptoms, but symptoms that weren’t unheard of before in the mold, Lyme, Long-Covid, and Chronic Illness communities.

I got so intolerant of sunlight, developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and the big one, started to FEEL E.M.F’s!

“…and where does it stop mate? next week you’ll be telling us you are communicating with aliens! We are treating you. Just shut up, I don’t want to hear your nonsense, YOU ARE SICK”

An authorative and very ignorant mental health nurse said to me as I was waiting for entry into the mental institution while under arrest – Scary times.

I was now over trying to convince them of the truth. He had shown his cards. With this comment from him, I guess the penny had finally dropped. I had finally realized what the hospital, doctors, and nurses thought of me, a delusional nutcase.

It was so obvious to them that I was simply delusional, much like this guy. They just follow what they are taught, and are oblivious to the fact that something could also be fact, even if they hadn’t learned it. they have no idea how to think like a scientist!

I just shut up, but the whole time I was thinking to myself, “With this much evidence, and what I’m saying, surely a child would understand it!”

I began to wonder how the rest of my stay in the Psych Ward would play out. Especially given the fact that there was a tiny, tiny chance that a drug they would force upon me would miraculously cure me of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. As C.I.R.S is what I was ultimately suffering from, not Schizophrenia.

Day, after day passed by in the nut house, this is starting to get comedic I started thinking to myself. This would make a really good Children’s book about Chronic Illness and Gaslighting.

Think Like a scientist childrens book - A story for children about gaslighting and chronic illnesses

I was living a story that wrote itself. When gaslighting gets so out-of-hand that you end up committed, the last straw.

As if I wasn’t suffering enough from my chronic illness, I had the gaslighting to deal with on top, as many chronic illness sufferers deal with gaslighting from their families, Doctors, and people they reach out to for support.

Why did I write a Children’s book about Chronic Illness and Gaslighting?

At first, I was just following brain-retraining exercises, where you are encouraged to do journaling and document your story. As I was laughing out loud, and just shaking my head at what happened I found myself repeating more and more, “A child would understand this!”.

“That’s it, I AM GOING TO WRITE a Children’s book about Chronic Illness and Gaslighting!”

me, after finding myself going through all the emotions again, whilst journaling.

I have always enjoyed writing stories for children. Now I have a toddler, and we enjoy reading and reviewing children’s story books together.

Who is the intended audience for ‘Think Like a Scientist’?

Chronic Illness patients who experience gaslighting can relate to this story a lot. Most are very scared and realize that ending up in the psyche ward could be a very real possibility for them.

childrens book about chronic illness and gaslighting

People who suffer from:

  • Long Covid
  • Mold toxicity
  • Lyme Disease
  • Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (C.I.R.S)
  • Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitvity (MCS)
  • Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)

I wish a book was in existence that covered all my issues (even if it was written as a children’s book) when I was going through all my symptoms.

I later found Toxic, written by Dr Neil Nathan serving this purpose. Toxic has a lady’s story in it at the end who told of an EXACT IDENTICAL situation to what I was going through. I’d definitely recommend reading it if you are going through a complicated chronic illness.

I would have used it as a handbook to give to friends, families, and even doctors, anyone who doubted my experience. I’d hand it to them and say, “See, I’m not crazy. Others have gone through the exact same thing. Kids can understand it, you just have to Think Like a Scientist”


I have made Think Like a Scientist a free children’s book for you to download or read online here.

You can read and download it for free in low quality. If you like it, you can buy the HQ version.

One friend who gave me further inspiration to write this book said to me, “You’re like the male version of Belle Gibson!” Belle Gibson is a lady who made over $1 million dollars in sales because she wrote a book about beating cancer naturally and sold it to people battling cancer.


If you are interested in buying a physical copy, you can buy one using this link, Amazon prints the book and sends it to you.

The book is available on Amazon Kindle and as a physical paperback to buy.

Yet I had done the complete opposite, and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of my ‘fake illness’, spent the last few years inside behind a blackout curtain, and even if I had a million dollars I wouldn’t be able to do much with it… I thought, ‘OK, I’ll write a children’s book about a fake illness and gaslighting!’

High-Quality Paid Version – digital Ebook

I am selling the HQ version, which has higher-quality pictures and text for just $3.

Click here to buy the High-Quality version of Think Like A Scientist

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