Supporting Domestic Violence Sufferers – Episode 20 – Victoria Cuore of – #20

Victoria Cuore – Supporting Domestic Violence Sufferers

Victoria Cuore, of joins Brandon on the show in this episode.

Victoria is representing ‘A contagious Smile’ and explains what the organization does and how they can assist with getting help for Domestic Violence sufferers around the United States of America.

“it started out almost two decades ago with myself advocating for survivors of domestic violence as well as Special Needs families and children. The platform got small, so I needed to make it bigger, so that’s when I built the website – Which offers free support groups, and free social classes. It also has lots of resources on there. It gives people a safe place that is bullying and judgment free to come and get the help that they need.

Victoria Cuore

In this podcast, Victoria answers questions on:

  • How Domestic abuse sufferers can get assistance with fleeing from Domestic abuse suffering
  • Why do people return to their abusers on an average of 7 times
  • Smacking your Children can be considered unnecessary abuse and violence
  • In America, 1 in 3 women in their life will experience domestic violence
  • Domestic Violence perpetrators often start as charming men, and they progressively worse in their behavior
  • How women can also domestically abuse men also.

Victoria Cuore episode Supporting Domestic

Listen to the Audio Podcast below:

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