Village Heights Golf Resort Hersonissos Crete – Review

Have you been thinking of staying in a big, nice and relaxing resort around Heraklion?
Definitely look no further than Village Heights Golf Resort, in Hersonissos Crete. Because I stayed there for a week-long vacation with my family I thought I’d write a Village Heights Golf Resort review.

We were staying in Chania for a couple of weeks, so after a few weeks there, where we felt that we had completed the town, we ventured off to the ‘big smoke’, the eastern side of the Island, where the 3rd largest city in Greece is, Heraklion. We wanted to stay in a resort-type place this time. One that had a big swimming pool, with breakfast included, and different activities to make the week-long vacation with my family in Crete feel as relaxing as possible, Village Heights Golf Resort in Hersonissos, just 20 minutes drive to Heraklion Airport, and 30 minutes from the Ferry port.

What is so good about Village Heights Golf Resort reviews?

As you can see from the reviews all over the internet, the Village Heights Golf Resort in Hersonissos gets so many good reviews. over 90% of the reviews for Village Heights are positive!

The best activities to do at Village Heights Golf Resort are:

  • play mini golf
  • swimming in the Infinity pool
  • Drinking cocktails at the bar
  • Breakfast and Dinner Buffets everyday
  • Massage and facials downstairs
  • kids games rooms
  • playground for younger kids
  • 8 shuttle busses a day to the main town of Chersonissos

As you can see, although you are 15 minutes out of the town, on a big hill in the middle of nowhere (with fantastic views of the ocean and hills on the other side) you will never have nothing to do, and can easily get around to the town center and also the harbor in Chersonissos – This place is where you can party all night long. the Harbor has a really fun and exciting vibe to it, especially after dark. The best thing is the shuttle bus from Village Heights Golf Resort can take you right there!

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