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Virtual Assistant Can Help You Grow

Grow and Scale Your Business; Get a Virtual Assistant

If you’re a business owner or just starting to build a business, you may need input from people with varied skills. At a point, you’ll need to delegate to grow and scale. In other words, you’ll need one virtual assistant or a team.

As we know, everyone’s busy. Who has time to sort through resumes, ask questions, sort through concerns, and train virtual Assistants? Well, takes that off your hands;

We help entrepreneurs find virtual assistants to help them with their businesses.”

Sheri Michele

Maybe you’ve had virtual assistants before and got sick of training them. You may be feeling like: I just want to do things by myself. But, you get so busy it’s overwhelming. You don’t have to do it yourself, we connect you with the best, well-trained virtual assistants.

 “The reason why I’ve been so passionate about virtual assistants management is that I know what it did for me. I can actually sleep. I sleep like seven hours a day. It’s so beautiful,” says Sheri, CEO.


Well, as an entrepreneur, you will need time for yourself and your family. Having a virtual assistant does that for you. You may ask: what if they can’t do it like me? But imagine: what if they can do it better?

Who would benefit from using a Virtual Assistant?

Everyone with or building businesses benefits from having virtual assistants. Are you the entrepreneur that is still working the 9-5 job? Often, entrepreneurs like you get Virtual Assistants and train them. The training could be within a 5-9 pm or a 6-10 pm schedule.

They train them for a couple of weeks. Afterward, their virtual assistants continue building their business while they’re at work. This way, they make money in their business and grow their company while still functioning at their 9-5 jobs. They duplicate themselves.

Maybe you’re the entrepreneur who’s already out there. You have the business and the customers but you’ve run out of life. You’re working from sundown to sundown and your to-do list grows every day instead of getting smaller. At this point, you could be feeling like you can’t do it anymore; you’re losing money. This would be the right time for you to grow a team and scale so that you can make the business bigger and better for you and your customers.

You can have teams of VAs or one VA, depending on your needs. We have some clients who have teams of 10 or 5 virtual assistants. Then we have clients who have just one virtual assistant and that one is enough for them to grow in their business.


First, our company will have a conversation with you; you tell us about your business and what bothers you the most.

We have a system where we test the virtual assistants. They go through a four or five-step process before they get to you as our client to make sure that you have the best of the best.

We help with transitions; helping you and the virtual assistant learn how to work together.

Also, we maintain your schedule and everything happening between you and the virtual assistants. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Sheri Michele

Industries Provide Virtual Assistant’s for:

They have a team of VAs skilled and experienced in all sectors and industries. They include:

  • Real estate agents
  • Social Media managers (Instagram, YouTube, and Ticktock)
  • video editors
  • Public relations agents
  • Shopify agents

As a business owner, you’re not supposed to do everything yourself. It’s okay to let go of some tasks.

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