Let's Go Brandon

What Does Let’s Go Brandon mean?

All about Let’s Go Brandon Meme

In the past few months, you might have come across many people wearing caps, hats, and T-shirts saying Let’s Go Brandon. You’ve probably seen it all over Facebook and social media too.

On seeing it, the very first impression is created in your mind is regarding its reference to a person called Brandon. But who is this Brandon, and why are they trending?

It is referring to the inability of Joe Biden, the 46th US President to manage North America’s legislative and administrative agendas and has more to do with his critics and the Republican Politicians.

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Where and when did it start?

The logical foundation for “Let’s Go Brandon Meme” started in September 2021 when some critics of the current president chanted “F$%k Joe Biden” at a sporting event and it soon turned into a regular political slogan to chant at various events.

On October 2nd, 2021, during an interview with NASCAR Xfinity Sparks 300 Race Winner, Brandon Brown, it captured the media’s attention as the NBC Reporter Kelli Stavast misinterpreted the chant as “Let’s Go Brandon”, which sparked the actual beginning of the meme, thereafter.

It is unclear whether Kelli purposefully tried to change the message or might have misheard it from the crowd.

What is the Let’s Go Brandon song?

Now the phrase has spread to the music world, where a lot of pop singers are seen using the meme phrase to offer some hit numbers that are fetching high on the record charts.

Will the craze for this chant or meme end after some time?

Nope, says Hampton Stall, a researcher who is studying Ideology and group Cultures stall is of the opinion that the meme has the potential to sarcastically down the administrative skills of Mr. Biden against former US President Donald Trump and will be used on a full scale, during the next 2024 United States Presidential elections, due to be held by November 5th,2024.

Who is using the chant or meme?

Definitely you’ll find loyal Donald Trump supporters, all wearing his RED MAGA TRUMP Hats, screaming, “Let’s Go Brandon!” as loud as they can at all the Trump rallies.

The chant has turned into a major hit with the public and so musicians, politicians (especially Republicans and some from Congress), and those influencing the social media platforms are using the term obnoxiously to capture the attention of the world. A few on the list are:

At the end of September 2021, Republican Representative Bill Posey from Florida displayed a fist pump hand sign and was seen using the “Let’s Go, Brandon!” message in a sarcasm-filled speech on the house floor. In October 2021, Representative Jeff Duncan started using the meme by sporting a mask on which “Let’s Go, Brandon” was written. He wore the said mask and published a picture of him wearing it on Facebook, saying “The American Citizens are Furious”, referring to the current mindset of the American populace unhappy with the way Biden was handling the Administration of the U.S.

Has Donald Trump ever commented on ‘Lets Go Brandon’?

Above is the only time Trump has publicly commented on the popular phrase. He is well aware of it. But Is Biden?

Has President Joe Biden ever commented on ‘Lets Go Brandon?’

He certainly has. He even agrees with it!

Who knows if Joe Biden actually knows what it’s about and what it means, even if he’s heard it before? You are the judge, what do you think to yourself after watching the video above?

“F$%k Joe Biden!” = “Let’s Go Brandon!”

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