WHO Seeks to change the name of the Monkeypox virus because it is racist

Well, guys, The WHO have found another virus name to be seen as out-of-date and no longer suitable or appropriate because it is ‘racist’ and offensive to Africans. Probably all the countries in Africa that have Monkey’s living in them. Maybe? Are any Africans even offended?

This is probably just another case of people being offended on behalf of all the people who are supposed to be offended, but in reality, I’m not offended at all.

This would make a lot of sense or a lot more sense than it does now if there were many, many people, organizations, and groups calling for the monkeypox bars to be renamed. However, what we have here is the World Health Organization taking offense and renaming the virus on behalf of people from Africa supposedly.

Why is this suddenly offensive?

Is it because the word Monkeypox is being thrown around a lot, and that’s just not from normal people like you and me. This is from the media where this is becoming an issue we’ve also been notified about all the vaccines and treatments for monkeypox. Also, all the vaccines have been ordered from different countries. It all kind of reminds me of covid-19 all over again. Do you get the same Vibe that too?

 Another question that I asked in today’s podcast was the fact that there is also a virus with a similar name called chicken pox. Do we rename chickenpox too? Because it is offensive to people of Southeast Asian origin?

I actually had to Google where chickens come from to get this information, as though I kind of probably would have had to for monkeys if the World Health Organization didn’t tell me that it was Africa being offended. Simply because the most monkeys I’ve ever seen in the flesh have been in Thailand.

So with all this craziness going on and the World Health Organization having a bit of a Karen moment are we all in agreeance with what they doing, or do we say enough is enough.

Very reminiscent of the time covid-19 was actually renamed covid-19 because the name ‘Wuhan flu’ had all the woke people insisting the virus was becoming stigmatizing to the Chinese people. The only problem with this is before this name-changing ridiculousness, many viruses were actually named after the city or area that they were discovered.

 Where do we draw the line? This has just gone too far and too crazy.

Do we rename the chickenpox virus as well? Surely the chickenpox virus has to be offensive to someone out there in some way. You know what I mean because it’s 2022 and things aren’t cool unless you’re offended in some way or another by something.

What would the real Virus Scientists that we’ve had on the show think of this?

 Anyway, that’s just my thoughts on today’s podcast of the Monkeypox.

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